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  1. Ditto for the USB headset, I use a Logitech Premium USB Headset 300, it's truly Plug&Play. You plug it into one USB port, Windows install it automatically and you now have another sound card, named USB Headset :).In SB3, you can select which card to use, so you just have to specify the USB one for it, or as I did, use the USB set for comms and the speakers to play SB3 sounds, so I know if someone try to contact me on text while I'm away.______________________Etienne Bouchard/CYUY
  2. I did a flight last Friday (Jul 01), DEN-BOS, with real WX and all default ASV options.As I crossed Lake Michigan at FL350, just south of ORD, I had to deviate 30 degrees north from my planned route, as I had no less than 3 Cumulus towering higher than my flight level, probably topped around FL380-400. You could see lighting from them, and my WX radar showed them in red, so I tought it would be better not to disturb them hehe.I saw a couple more buildups in my recent flights, but not as close. They looked higher than my cruise level, so I think they are possible with ASV. But to get them, I had to fly over or near heavy thunderstorm.I don't know if they still appear with light to moderate thunderstorm in real life, I'm just a poor guy who dosen't have the chance to fly around them, I just get the rain under it :).Etienne Bouchard
  3. Maybe it would be a great feature to add an option to print to a text file, like in FSBuild ?So this way, we could choose the printer via Notepad, or print directly to the printer port.I don't know if this feature would be very difficult to add, but I'm sure it could be very useful.P.S.: I noted that I've got page breaks in the middle of the printed nav log, and just before the Average Route Winds, not that this is annoying, but it takes 2 more pages when printed :)Etienne Bouchard
  4. The problem is that Windows don't let you unselect a default printer without having to select another one.Thanks anyway :)Etienne Bouchard
  5. Hi,I searched in the forum about the printing options of ActiveSky 2004, and I found that it was printing to the default printer.I would like to know if there is a setting in the AS2004.ini that I can set to change the default printing options. I have a DeskJet as my default printer, but I want to be able to print the weather report on my old Fujitsu, without having to change the default printing options of Windows everytime.Maybe this could be a feature for the next update?Thanks !Etienne Bouchard
  6. I know, another multi-monitor thread... please be fair with me hehe :)It's been 2 months and I'm still searching on how to make my multi-monitor setup work.Ok, first, I have an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro on Windows 2000 Pro, with the Omega 3.9 drivers.I can set my Windows to work with 2 monitors just fine, and can change the position of both screen (as my first display is on the right and the second on the left).http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/64551.jpgI too can start FlightSim 2002 in full screen and drag windows to my other monitor.The problem is here : In full screen, FlightSim always display on my secondary monitor. In the Display menu, I can only see my secondary output on my card in hardware acceleration modehttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/64553.jpgSee, in 2D mode, both outputs are available.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/64554.jpgAs soon as I get back to windowed mode, I can move the main FlightSim windows on any monitor, but I loose hardware acceleration.All I want is to undock and drag some panels to my #2 monitor, so no need for 3D acceleration. Normally, I run in maximised windowed mode (bug with my DF734 panel that stop me from using full screen), so my goal is to have FlightSim in max. windowed mode on Monitor 1 and have my undocked panels on Monitor 2.Is there a way to force FlightSim to run on my primary ouput ?Any ATI users that can help me with that ?Thanks a lot !Etienne BouchardWeb AdministratorAircraft ModelVirtual][/font
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