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  1. ...probably shold have been stated as the largest segment of readership.
  2. Anyone know of a way to extend the length of the exes as they appear in FSDS? Aligning axes using rotation mode and holding SHIFT would be MUCH more accurate and easier. I know. Use the RULER but Im thinking FAST and easy.I might be just hoping... but maybe someone has a trick.
  3. Why is it that when I select SMOOTH SUBDIVIDE it usually boogers up whatever I am workin on? Take a cylinder for instance, 12 sided and a few sections (pic 1) and use SMOOTH SUBDIVIDE on it it goes from looking like a cylinder to something better suited for cracking walnuts (pic 3). SUBDIVIDE does not have nearly the same effect and it in my observation is much smother. Subdivide even has a habit of popping up the new point it makes from the plane of the original poly and making what was once smooth, kind of rough, faint triagles appear in the shaded model (pic 2).Advice appreciated!No subdividing, yet... Subdivide...
  4. Is there any more elegant way to make fowler flaps for an aircraft using FSDS or is placing the Part axis way below it so the flap travels along an arc (kind of linear) using the stock flap animation about the best bet?Hope this question makes sense. I think that if you know what I am asking, the question is clear enough.
  5. I decided to give "MAKING" rather then "USING" a try, so I picked up FSDS V3 and got to work.I have moved on to cutting windows from the fuselage of my aircraft using boolean operations. Problem I am haing is that when I apply smoothing, the wrinkles caused by the numerous polygons that boolean ops generate make my plane a complete mess. Help in resolving this is appreciated.
  6. Holger!?!?!Payware?Sigh!I knew it would happen some day.I hope you will release some smaller packages from time to time yet.
  7. I know where to find free approach plates... It's just that I am trying to find a site I used to visit that would allow you to download all the charts you wanted as a package, lots of files in one simple zip download. Any idea of the URL I am looking for?
  8. Is there any airport database viewing tool that can be used to cull through the vast numbers of airports in FS, I can't seem to find any. I am looking for a specific location in North America that I took a flight to but can no longer find. It was a wonderful little paved runway in the depths of a valley. I figure if I can look at a database of all the airports, I can apply some "filters" to narrow down the search list and find my Shangri-La, again.Help is appreciated.Paul Scott Bartelt
  9. Ok...I have used Afcad to change the altitude of MT84 to the level of the surrounding valley (3084ft), both the airport ref and the airstrip properties.I have used FSTflatten to make a flatten of the area to bring it down the the level of the valley floor.I start FS and the scenery DB updates.I go to MT84, and I start on an invisible runway at the original screwed up altitude with a shadow cast on the invisible ground beneath my wheelsI see the runway where I moved it downI slew down to that runway but it is screwed up. When I contact the runway I am shot back up to the original level.Help! What can I do to fix this or is Bills software just that porked?PSB
  10. Does FS Panel Studio allow for editing of 3D cockpit gauge placement or is it limited to 2D panel work?PSB
  11. Not wanting to make humongous meshes, I have decided to split a Rocky Mountain Project up into individual states (Co and Wy in this instance). However, I have found when I create meshes seperately I get gaps between them as compared to no gaps when I compile the thing as a single bigger mesh using the same hgt files. Attached are some TMFViewer shots that show my problem. An explanation of why this happens and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated.Paul Scott BarteltSingle mesh. seperate meshes with same data, note the gap between states.
  12. Hi,The ILS04 approach at KRAC is terribly off. What if any tools are available to fix this. Help and guidance are appreciated.
  13. I am fiddling with cfgedit to make a more fitting panel for a Lockheed L-10. The included panel makes use of all modern gauges and I would like to make them a little more retro. At this point in time I am too cheap to buy FS Panel studio so that I can properly handle xml gauges (use the DC3 package) so I am looking for straight up .gau files, no cabs.If any one can route me to a package or pool of gauges that would fit the bill I would be most appreciative. There is so much to cull through out there, I am hoping someone can help a n00b out.Better yet, are there any utilitarian panel editors (freeware variety preferred) that can handle xml gauges.Thanks in advance!
  14. I need to defoliate an area. I have figured out how to flatten an area. Now I just need to clear out some trees. Help is appreciated as all the searches I have made on the subject have been for naught.
  15. Say for instance....I have a directory with sequentially numbered and equally sized bitmaps 1 through 10. I want to make a gauge that would display any one bitmap at a given time. I want to be able to scan through the list of bit maps 1 through 10 with a mouse click in the upper or lower half of the gauge (upper would be n+1 and lower would be n-1 (and not crash because I try to go to 0 or 11) or something to taht effect.I am not an XML programmer but I can at least understand some basic XML syntax. A kick in the pants in the right direction, a short tutorial or a good example of something similiar would help.I'd like to take these dozens of IAPs, departures, approaches and airport maps that I have and make some "regional packages" out of them for use in game. I know I could print them out but this would be certainly more interesting than paper. I just think having a package that included the TRUDO approach to KMKE and all the associated IAP's and an airport map in a nice little gauge package would be really cool, but I am not sure where to start. I have figured out how to put in a static image, but that is rather impractical to do every rime I want to use a different RW for an ILS approach.Thanks in advance