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  1. Thank you guys for your prompt support.It all works fine and...... is GREAT!Thanks again. Luca Collina
  2. Hello There,Little help needed, please.I have installed FS2Crew For B767ER Level-D as required following step by step the instructions but........ when I launch the Level-D B767 aircraft I cannot see any of the FS2Crew panels.What do I do wrong?Do I have to click somewhere to get FS2Crew started?Can anyone please help me?Luca Collina
  3. Hello there,I have reinstalled Window XP operating system and copied all FS9 and active sky back in the hard drive from my backup drive.Unfortunally now Active sky v6 doesn't work.If I try to install the ASv6 update it says: No installation of Active Sky found in the system.What do I do to re-use your wonderful program? Thank you for your help. Luca Collina
  4. Thank you very much of your prompt reply: It works now.Thanks again.Gianluca Collina
  5. Hello everyone:I am experiencing a problem with the LoadEdit.exe of A330/340 after installing Microsoft FS9 update: The above file WILL NOT open anymore.Tryed to re-install it but again the file will not open.Can anyone please give me help on this matter?Best RegardsGianluca Collina
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