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  1. nillefix

    fs9 + PMDG + rc4 + fs2crew

    >I run them and active sky 6.5 all the same time with no>problems what so ever. Yes FS2crew does run smoothly with>them.>> I got TrackIR 4PRO. It's beautiful!Nick
  2. nillefix

    United KIAD - ZBAA

    Phil P,Is FOC worth getting? I currently use FSbuild.Many thanks!
  3. nillefix

    Private repaint of 744

    Already got them!Decided to paint my own.;-)
  4. How about this one?
  5. I tried all sorts of things. Can't get it to work. Was going for a BBJ kinda 747-400...Like this one but as a 747-400: Might as well give up. :)
  6. HiGot a quick question.How do you align a line that is going down the lenght of the fuselage and then turns up on to the tail(stabilizer) when the fuselage and the tail are seperate files(PMDG747)?Many thanks!!
  7. nillefix

    Private repaint of 744

    yes, no luck
  8. nillefix

    Private repaint of 744

    VIP or business jet....kinda.Like this one but as a 744pax: the colors!!
  9. nillefix

    Private repaint of 744

    Noone painted one?!?!
  10. Does anyone know if someone have painted a private 747?
  11. nillefix

    Throttle Quadrant help

    Thanks all, now it seems to work. Took some reading though. :) Thanks again!!Regards/
  12. nillefix

    Throttle Quadrant help

    Yep, I got the registered version of FSUIPC. Would be great if you could send the PDF.Many thanks/
  13. nillefix

    Throttle Quadrant help

    Hello,I just bought CH Products Throttle quadrant to my Yoke and Pedal setup(CH Products too by the way.), but I can't get the thing to work with four engines(PMDG747 QoS). Somehow the thottle lever no.2 control the pitch no.3 the throttles and no.4 the rudders.Found some help here but I couldn't get it too work.Could someone help me set it up, step by step, point to point.Many thanksRegards/Nick
  14. nillefix

    Private repaint of 744

    Does anyone know if someone have painted a private 747?
  15. nillefix

    No coupon for the FS9 version?

    Dude!! That's some expensive Big Mac and Coke!! Thanks anyway, just had to ask.Not ready to give up FS9 yet. Too many good addons ;)Good luck on the Airbus version.