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  1. Jim......... I had been wating to see if the file would turn up online but I guess not. I would like to have that link but how do we do this without having my e-mail address shown to the world? Jack Fentress
  2. Chris........As long as we're talking specials, how about Air Canada and/or Air Nova? Both airlines flew these in earlier days.Jack FentressChris.........I forgot to say in the 600/700 version.Jack Fentress
  3. Well Jon, fortunately it's quiet enough over here in New London, PEI that hopefully "the year" will pass quickly. I may call on you for some advice from time to time. Ok?Jack Fentress
  4. Thank you Greg. I'm now able to input thanks to your suggestion. Pretty simple really. I guess I'm simpler. Now all I have to do is figure out how to make my own flight plans or retrieve those that came with the sim.Thank you again.Jack Fentress
  5. I'll fire up in an hour or so and we'll find out. Thank you for the quick response Greg.Jack Fentress
  6. Somehow I didn't check closely enough. What I meant to type was 747-400X Please disregard refernces to 737 44X. Sorry for the confusion.Jack Fentress
  7. Well, I thought for sure I'd be able to figure this one but I'm not as smart as I thought. I've had the 737-44X for about a week and have enjoyed just plain flying to learn the aircraft. Then I downloaded the tutorials to get serious about the sim and began with firing up the aircraft, lesson 1. When I got to the FMC part, nothing I've been able to do would allow me to input anything. No airports, runways etc. I'm sure I'm missing something somewhere but for the life of me after hours of reading and experimenting I can't find out what I'm doing wrong (or not doing at all). Also, is there a way to clear everything in order to just start over? All other elements of the simulation seem to work just fine so far. I've checked the forum for possible answers but don't see anything specific to this problem. I would appreciate any help more experienced users of this aircraft could give me.Thanks in advance.Jack Fentress
  8. Maybe it's only me but am I the only one who is distressed that most new addons are prefaced by "you must have purchased"? Even is some or most really don't deserve a purchase? I don't mean to be tacky but what is is (as Bill clinton would say"!Jack
  9. Marten..........Thank you for the response. That certainly gives me pause. I guess I'll wait for a bit until a more fully modeled aircraft arrives.Jack Fentress
  10. Has anyone any experience with the new Commercial Level Simulation DC 10/MD 11? I'm pretty sure that Ken Mitchell has done the panel which indicates that it is a better than average release but I'm not sure.Does anyone have experience with this release and if so what do you think of it?Jack F.
  11. Does anyone know if there has been a Northwest Airlines version of any Boeing 737 model that has been done for FS 2004?ofentress
  12. I've just purchased the B 1900d and since I've never purchased from PMDG before I was wondering how long before I would receive a notification as to download keys etc.Jack Fentress
  13. Barney.......Thanks for the reply.I checked, as best as possible, and did find some files still left. I deleted and re-installed, with the same problem showing up. Then I thought that masybe I'd try to install on my other hard drive, the same result. I'm beginning to think that there is a problem with one of the 4 disks.I've contacted MS help folks and they've sent me a 5 page list of things to try. It's complex enough to take a couple of days but I'll give it a whirl.Again thanks for the effort.Jack
  14. The darndest thing has happened. I had to uninstall FS 2004, the problem unrelated to FS 2004 (no easy task as it turns out) and while trying to re-install the program was met with the following message:invalid page fault in module fsui.dll.Microsoft Flight Simulator module performed an invalid memory access.I've tried re-installing 3 or 4 times but to no avail. I get the opening splash screen then the above noted messages. Naturally the program shuts down after each try. I've had the system cleaned up by Norton and find no problems with the basic system.The original installation was fine, with no defects.I'm at a loss to figure this out. I could sure use some help with this problem since I'm "grounded" until a solution is found.Jack
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