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  1. Thanks ThrottleUP for your kind assistance. I followed the link but it didn't help as the problems I have are with the stock FS9 scenery and not add ons. I did further research based on your post and I found that the autogen only places incorrect objects with airports in the New York area. I tried KEWR,KISP,KLGA,KFOK,KJFK,and KPVD and for all these airports the trees and buildings appeared out of place. However, I tried KDCA, KBOS, KCLE, and the scenery was perfect. To further rule out my theory, I tried KSAN, KLAX, KSFO, KDTW, and KMDW and there were NO problems with the autogen. So it seems the problem is somewhere in the NY scenery. Now I just have to figure out where to go from here. Thanks for the help, it is greatly appreciated!Cheers......Pipper
  2. Regards to the flight sim community.....I have just installed FS9 with a clean installation following a WinXP reformat. Upon landing at KLGA the other night, I was stunned to see that some of the taxiways and aprons were covered with trees and buildings that should not have been there. No runways were affected though. I checked other airports, and sure enough, the autogen has seen fit to place odd buildings and trees on taxiways and aprons. I have tried these fixes:new FS9 cfg, turned off autogen xml via retitling, uninstalling any texture mods I made since install. All were no joy. I am running GE Pro, AS, and FE. I can't pin point any program I installed that may have caused the problem.The only thing I do know is that if I turn OFF autogen in FS9 that the problem ceases. Anybody have any ideas so I don't have to re install? (please, not that!!!)System specs:WinXP, AMD64 3200, ATI9800 pro 128mb, 1.5 gig RAM, Gigabyte GA9n pro Mobo, CH USB fighterstick and throttle. Kind thanks in advance.......Pipper
  3. Thanks Dave.......I am totally familiar with the angles needed to intercept the loc, so I was careful to set up my original flight on about a 40 degree intercept. Following your post, I tried once again to intercept the 31R loc, but although the loc illuminated on the HSI, I flew right through it again despite having activated the LOC selector on the panel. Strange thing was the LOC for 31L worked just fine following my switching frequencies and course selector. The AP easily picked up, intercepted, and followed the localizer. I guess whatever the issue is is related to runway 31R. I would appreciate it if you could let me know how your test flight goes. I am curious if this is maybe an FS9 glitch and not a navdata issue. Cheeers and thanks again.......Joe Swier
  4. Hi guys.......The other night I was practicing a low viz approach into the KJFK ILS31R, and to my astonishment I flew right through the localizer in my PMDG 737-700. I made sure I set 111.5 and 314 degrees, flew about a 45 degree angle intercept, and had LOC set in the panel. Yet the airplane did NOT intercept the loc at all. I re flew the intercept twice more and still no intercept. Even on APP, I flew right through. I ensured that the FMC had the correct approach set too, although it was not done via LNAV. A few weeks ago I updated the PMDG procedures to the 0603 currency. I have to assume there is a nav data glitch somewhere. I keep getting confused as to the right sequence to update my nav data folder and I was hoping some kind soul out there could tell me sequentially how to update the nav data. I get confused between AIRACS, PMDG SIDSTARS MOST CURRENT, AIOs, and PMDG procedure files. UGH! I have noticed there are no nav files on the PMDG site lately too. Very confusing!Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.......Joe Swier
  5. Damian.......I tried the 1024X768 and I was able to access the save tab. Not sure why when I tried 1600X1200 it didn't work but who cares at this point! Although I run an 800X600 desktop, its no big deal to set a 1024X768 when I need to for Active Sky. At least I know how to fix it!Problem is solved!Thanks again for help.........Pipper
  6. Thank you Hans, HTH, and Jim:Unfortunately, none of the fixes worked. I had already tried to stretch the window without success. The font size did not fix the problem either. Jim, I am running 800X600 as my usual desktop. Even with the toolbar dragged DOWN and out of sight, the SAVE tab is cut off. I have tried raising the screen rez too without success. The screen is cut off at about the level of the "Autoset FS time on archive DL" I have also not changed my vid drivers in the past three months. All was well prior to this new build. Thanks for the help and I welcome further suggestions!Cheers.....Pipper
  7. Hi Damian and Jim.....This may seem like a very silly question, but I seem to have a problem with the new build. The problem is that the options page is cut off on the bottom of the screen so that the SAVE option is unavailable. I have tried varying the screen res but to no avail. The lower part of the options page is simply cut off. I really am stumped......how can I get back the SAVE tab?Thanks in advance......Pipper
  8. Thanks Chris for your feedback-Since you are the "Cloud Master", I can only hope that some day you will design up some really good dark Cumumlonimbus clouds and nimbus clouds. That would really elevate Active Sky!I shall try your "polluted sky" technique in the mean time and once again, thank you for your help!Cheers......Pipper
  9. Thanks Jim......I realize that some clouds like cumulonimbus type may appear to be bright white from a distance, when you fly through them or even near them they are very dark on the inside. (Yes I know you shouldn't fly through them but sometimes you fly through developing cells). My main point was that flying through rain heavy clouds in real life results in very diminished light, hence they are a dark grey. The AS clouds would really be improved if they were appropriately darker. Thanks again .........Pipper
  10. Hello to Damian, Chris and Jim:Having happily used the Active Sky product for years now, I was flying into KPHX last night into some rather nasty weather. There were Thunderstorms all throughout the Phoenix approach with heavy rain. I was flying during the afternoon when these storms were occuring, and it made me think there was "something wrong with this picture". I am running the Active Sky cloud series, and what I perceived as wrong was that the "bad weather" clouds are always so white! When bad weather such as T storms approaches where I live, the horizon becomes dark. Last summer I flew on a commercial A320 into the KJFK area when a line of T storms was coming into the area. Believe me, the clouds we flew through were very dark, unlike the Active Sky clouds. Even heavy rain storms are bright and cheerful with the Active Sky and Fs9 stock clouds. It doesn't matter if I run wx influenced or a specific set. Always too bright!I remember a sim called EF2000 around 8 years ago and one of the best things was the rain scenes-it really looked dreary but very realistic. Can anything be done to make the bad weather clouds darker?Thanks in advance.......Pipper
  11. Thanks Damian......I thought I was pretty up on my meteorology, but I guess you learn something every day! I have made the changes Jim suggested and am going to watch for how they all play out. I will also choose the "force cumulus over stratus" option as you suggested. I had this checked due to some forum feedback about selecting stratus over cumulus for increased fog effects, so I will also be checking that effect out too. Thanks again for the great support!Cheers....Jswier
  12. OK Jim, I will make that modification in FSUIPC. Regarding the update level of 20000 ft, I usually fly a PMDG 737 on 500+ mile legs. What alt would you recommend instead? Thanks again!Jswier
  13. Hi Jim and thanks for the response. Yes, I do have add light cirrus layer checked ON in FSUIPC. I neglected to mention that I always run VATSIM wx if that makes a difference. Here is the INI file: //ASv6 configuration file Build 470[General]WindowPosX = 495WindowPosY = 495DefaultWeatherFolder = C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9ModulesASv6SuppressionCeiling = 20000SurfaceWindLimit = 10FS9Path = C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9PersonalAppDataFolder = C:Documents and SettingsJoeApplication DataCloudLayerLimit = 4LocalSuppressionRange = 100MinimumVisibility = 0MaximumVisibility = 60AutoVasFrequency = 50AutoVasStrength = 30TurbulenceFrequency = DefaultStartupLocation = KISPDefaultGraphicsFullTheme = Evolution Puffy 1DefaultGraphicsCirrusTheme = CirriusAutoSubmitGraphicsTheme = TrueIncreasedWake = TrueDisableWindsAloft = FalseForcePrimaryServer = FalseForceSecondaryServer = FalseFavorCumulus = FalseForceRoutePressure = FalseForceLowestCeiling = FalseUnpauseOnReadyStatus = TrueForceTstormsWithCB = TrueAutoSetFSTime = TrueIgnoreFSLocationUntilReady = TrueAutoConvertPlanFiles = TrueAutoRefreshAI = TrueDisableVisGraduation = FalseForceRouteAloftTemp = FalseOfflinePlayback = FalseEnableVAS = TrueAutoGenVAS = FalseForceDestinationWeatherZone = FalsePreventIcing = FalseOnlineUpdates = TrueExtendedDestinationWindsForce = FalseDisableAllGroundUpdates = TrueGlobalWrites = FalseDepictFS9HazeLayer = FalseExtendTstormLayers = TrueDisableDirectWindControl = FalseVoicePlayback = TrueLocalSuppression = TrueStartupSound = FalseDisableGroundUpdates = FalseUseProxyServer = FalseFogLayerGeneration = TrueUpdateSuppression = TrueOvercastEnhancement = TrueIgnoreFSReadyStatus = TrueFSUIPCWindSmoothing = TrueLimitSurfaceWinds = FalseLimitCloudLayers = TrueAutoGlobalWriteToggle = TrueRainWithTS = TrueDisableUpperLayerGeneration = FalseVisibilitySmoothing = TrueDisableMessages = TrueAutoTimeZoneDetection = TrueUpdateInterval = 15VATSIMData = TrueZuluConversion = -5AloftPredictability = 100WindDriftRate = 0MaxCloudThickness = 10000MinStratusSeparation = 7000TAFProcessing = FalseEnforceVisibilityLimits = TrueWakeTurb = TrueStartPaused = TrueUseSystemTime = TrueDisableCAVOKClouds = FalseProxyAddress = NONELastPlanFolder = C:Documents and SettingsJoeMy DocumentsFlight Simulator FilesI also thought that maybe the setting "favor cirrus over cumulus" is a factor-I have that option selected too.Cheers and thanks........Jswier
  14. Hello to the Active Sky Crew.....For the past few weeks I have been noticing a strange tendency for AS6 to place cirrus layers UNDER mid level Cumulus clouds. In real life I don't believe this occurs, and this seems very unrealistic to me. To be honest, I don't know when this started because I haven't changed anything with AS since build 470. I am running Build 470 with an Athlon 3200/1.5 gig RAM/ATI 9800 pro dual Seagate Barracuda HDs in RAID 0 config.Anybody else seeing this and can this be fixed?Thanks........J Swier
  15. Thanks Chris for your response.......I guess we can make things overly complicated indeed. Apparently sometimes common sense is all it takes! I just wanted to make sure I was more or less doing things the way the real boys do. The forum really helps you do that and for that I am very grateful!Cheers again.......Joe
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