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  1. Ehrhardt

    Custom FS Acars

    No, I am still looking for one
  2. Ehrhardt

    Custom FS Acars

    Hey guys, not sure if I am in the right place for this, but here goes... I have been running the VA-List for quite a while now and am ready to get more serious with my plans and am planning to deliver a new type of global FS Acars system for Virtual Airlines. Now... I am looking for someone with experience in this fs acars business, who can join the VA-List team indefinitely and provide the coding needed. It will be a big project with features not yet seen. But best of all I will offer financial compensation in one way or another, this can and will be discussed. ;) I do not wish to put all my ideas on the internet right now, and I am looking for people with an affinity for Virtual Airlines, who enjoy coding and basically like everything that happens around Virtual Airlines and is looking to join a project which is really really cool. Really! So if you want some more information and can show me that you mean business and know a thing or two about programming for Flight Simulator, send me an email at with a little bit of personal information, why you are interested (even with the small amount of information I am providing) and what you have done in the past regarding FS coding. And hopefully I can (with your help) provide the Virtual Airline world a new and exciting way to track flights.
  3. Ehrhardt

    Virtual Airlines Listing is expanding pretty quickly, in a month 15 Virtual Airlines have registered and the January votings are well on their way.The Forum hosts discussions about Virtual Airlines and VA-World and all comments are welcome.Also, voting banners have been made, including the option to design a banner yourself with some options to display your VAs current ranking on it.The Layout will be revamped soon enough, after I am done working on my own VAs site. Feel free to poke around at
  4. Ehrhardt

    Voted the best VA on the internet!!!

    Not on va-world yer not. :(
  5. Ehrhardt

    Virtual Airlines Listing

    The January round is well underway. I added some sections to the VA-World forum, including job openings for Virtual Airlines.I am actually considering making some kind of VA Certification for registered VAs, calculating on fleet layout, registered active members, combined flight hours, what tools they use... etc. If you have ideas on this matter, please contact me or register at and discuss it further on the Forum.
  6. Ehrhardt

    Virtual Airlines Listing

    We're almost at the end of the month... If you wanna participate in the voting for January sign up your Virtual Airline now!
  7. Ehrhardt

    Virtual Airlines Listing

    Site was down for a while but is online again. Feel free to check it out and think about what the site can do or mean to you..
  8. Ehrhardt

    Virtual Airlines Listing

    The VA-World, Virtual Airlines listing page is now pretty much done, but is still open for testing. If you own a VA or know someone who has one and is interrested in placing their VA into the voting list, please point them to the homepage. The URL is The Virtual Airline can promote itself by showing the pilot list, the destinations and origin of the VA, the type of fleet it has and ofcourse a sort of an advertisement. A forum is also available for discussion on VA's and everything interresting concerning Virtual Airlines and it's functions. If you are looking for a new Virtual Airline you can easily browse through the available registered Virtual Airlines and take a pick that suits you best... However, right now not a lot of Virtual Airlines have registered, which is a real pity. I really encourage CEO's to add their VA to the listing.
  9. Ehrhardt

    Virtual Airlines Listing

    new URL is working now, the official URL is now:
  10. Ehrhardt

    Virtual Airlines Listing

    Hey everybody,I am working on a site that will have a kind of VA top 100 list. It also lets you, as a VA owner register your VA and details for wannabee VA pilots to view. The VA pilot wannabee will be able (hopefully) to browse through a whole bunch of VA's and to carefully select the one most suitable for him/her. It is currently in a start-up phase, which means i am still writing the homepage scripts. Before the 'grand' opening I am looking for VA owners who are willing to help me through the Beta-phase. If you are interrested to help me out, and test the whole #### thing, please visit (temporary URL) or (in the making URL) All help is appreciated, if you don't own a Virtual Airline but you are interrested in joining one, you may sign up as well and join the discussion at the va-world forums.
  11. Nedair VA (fictional name) is looking for new pilots. With the completion of the new site, we are opening our doors for Pilots and HUB-Managers. With our base of operations in Rotterdam (NL) and a fleetbase of Fokkers and Airbus we are adding new flights monthly (Pilot's preferences).HUB-Managers will get to have a small fleet (with their own livery) at their disposal to create a pilot friendly flight schedule. The Managers need to have at least flown over 10 hours and must live in the country of their base of operations (HUB).Monitoring is maintained by FSAcars and (or) FSPassengers. Online flying is endorsed, yet not a must. We still have to pick the online service in which we will fly in (vatsim, IVAO, FPI).The site has many an easy to understand interface, flights are restricted to; plane availability, closed airports, etc. Also, the site's layout I tried to make as real as possible (real airline template).With FS-X we will give the site the option to schedule co-pilot flights.Interrested? Then come and check it out at:
  12. Sounds great, when can I download this system to use for my own VA? :(
  13. Ehrhardt

    New dutch VA looking for Dutch Pilots

    UPDATE:- The homepage is as good as done with several new features.- Nedair UK and Nedair Caribbean have their liveries and will start flying soon. We are looking for new pilots!Be the first to take lead of a new National branche!Erik EhrhardtCEO Nedair
  14. Ehrhardt

    FlightSim FM

    Do you guys have a website already? I could make one, or you can make use of my old one, which is still on my home pc server. Take a looksy here: know what you think ;)Kind regards,Erikmail:
  15. Ehrhardt

    New dutch VA looking for Dutch Pilots

    It has been quiet around Nedair for a while, but Nedair is back and we are looking for enthousiasts!With Fokkers, and an Aero Commander 560 (fleet will expand!) we already have an interresting destination setup. Utilizing FSAcars (automated pireps) and FsPassengers (sideshow) we try to get the most out of the VA as possible to maintain fun in flying.Visit the NEW site at: http://www.nedair.orgFuture implementations are national branches for national flights (think about "Nedair UK" or "Nedair France").See you there!Kind regards,Erik Ehrhardt