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  1. Same here, except I have only 1 monitor. Not a big problem except during engine start when I have to reopen the throttle window for the second engine, even themn no big deal.Paul GroundEGBG
  2. airrover

    Easyjet Livery Request

    Just a quick note to enquire whether any one is planning an Easyjet livery for the 800/900Thanks to anyone who takes up this requestPaul GroundEGBG
  3. Sirs of PMDG,I have now been waiting 3 days for an e-mail'd download link for the 800/900. Having initially waited several hours I sent an e-mail to the support address, but no reply. I now find that all atempts to send a reminder to the same address are returned as undeliverable and note that the support@ address has been removed from the website.I do not wish to give my invoice number and authorisation code out in an open forum (I have given them in the above mentioned e-mail), but your records should show my purchase.How do I get what I have paid for?RegardsPaul Ground - UK