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  1. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...40&topic_id=590
  2. Does it save just the situation, or does it save everything including all the settings in the airplane your flying (ie: FMS, flight plan, etc.)?
  3. I have the same book, only the 4th Edition copyright 1994. It's definitely a very good communications book, and also highly recommend it.
  4. I want to update you on my previous message. I tried to figure out what was causing those problems, and I am now starting to believe that it wasn't the fault of VoxATC, but my graphics card settings were set too high. I made a couple of changes and performance is better. I will try VoxATC tomorrow again, just to confirm.
  5. You can always try the demo at http://www.voxatc.com It is the previous version, but you will at least get an idea how it works. I have tried it over the last couple of days and think it's pretty good, but for some reason it's a major system hog. I have a decent system but frame rates were way down and after a while my graphics got really messed up, almost as if it was eating up memory or something. If it wasn't for these issues, I could probably see myself buying it because I am a student pilot in real life and it does help in the reality side, but I don't think I will buy it because of that. I don't know if it's my system and if I'm the only one with these problems but I didn't have these problems before.
  6. Guys, thanks for the replies. After trying it out yesterday for the first time, I was about to toss it out the window so to speak. :-grr I love the way it looks, but I was just having a tough time flying it. It seemed to bounce around a lot in the virtual cockpit, and I couldn't flare and all my turns seemed to have way too much motion left and right. In other words, I was flying like crap!Lo and Behold I tried it again today, and figured out that one of the problems flying out of the virtual cockpit was that I had Active Camera Head Latency effect on, and it must have been set too high. When I turned it off, everything suddenly got WAY better. Anyway, after logging a couple more hours in this simulated aircraft I must say that I am really, really starting to Love it. :-walksmile I can only see me flying this plane more and more. I must also say that it seems to fly on the numbers, and as far as the sounds go, they really aren't that bad. When I turn up the volume, the humming and rumbling sound of the engine gives you that feeling of being there. I'm also looking forward to seeing what Dreamfleet will bring out, but at the moment I am very satisfied with the Carenado 180F.
  7. I went with the Carenado 180 yesterday. The virtual cockpit is really good, and I see no need to use the 2D cockpit. As far as the flight dynamics, I have to get used to it. At first, I must say I was a little disappointed at the way it flies, but after a while I am starting to like it. I've only taken it up for about an hour so far, but I must say that it takes some getting used to from the way my Dreamfleet Archer II flies. I seem to have trouble trimming it correctly, and having some difficult seeing the runway when taking off and landing. Also seems a little sensitive when flaring. Anyone else have similar issues?As far as the sounds, they could be improved. I can hear the engine ok, but I can't really hear the gyros spinning when starting up.Thanks again,
  8. Thanks for the link Michael and Kev for the well wishes.Lou, I totally missed that! You can bet that I will be one of the first to make that purchase. I have been waiting a long time for another great Piper product. Can't wait. :-jumpy Do you have timeline to completion or is it still in the early stages?
  9. Thanks guys for all your help. Thomas, as far as your questions, I fly a PA28-161 Warrior and have been leaning towards the Aussim Warrior for those reasons, but I'm a little torn because from all the messages I have read, it seems like most people think that the flight dynamics are off a bit with jerky motions and that's why I am now leaning towards the Carenado. Who knows, maybe I just will buy them both.As far as navigation, I also prefer VOR/ADF but I also like using my Reality-XP Garmin 430 which is identical to the one I use in real life. Oh, BTW! Where have you guys seen that Dreamfleet will be coming out with a new Piper? I went on their site and can't seem to find anything.
  10. I'm looking to upgrade from my Dreamfleet Archer II that I have had for a few years now, and have been looking at what seems to be the top 2 choices for another Piper. I am a student pilot in real life and have been looking for a Piper Cherokee to use on my simulator other than my Archer. I have been torn by my top 2 choices which are the Carenado 180 and the Aussim Warrior II & III. I have searched and read as many threads as I could find and am still torn. I only want to buy one. The 2 most important features that I am mainly interested in are as follows:1) Eye Candy (I want a plane that looks as close to the real thing as possible, with primary importance on a really nice VC).2) Flight Dynamics (I know it's a simulator, but I would like it to perform as close to the real plane as possible).I would appreciate all comments that might help me make an intelligent decision.
  11. After a lot of thinking after I posted the message, I would have to say that I agree with all of you. As much as I want TrackIR and it was my original choice, I really think that I could get the most out of the Yoke and Rudder being a student pilot. I guess I will just have to purchase TrackIR at a later time. Thanks for all your help.
  12. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...7&topic_id=8980
  13. I am driving myself crazy trying to figure out what to buy. I have $200 TOPS to spend and there are 3 things on the top of my list. 1) TrackIR Pro2) CH Flight Yoke USB3) CH Rudders USBI am a student pilot in real life, and find that these 3 items would make my flight sim experience more realistic. Unfortunately, I don't have enough cash to buy all 3. I need help deciding what to buy, and would appreciate all comments.
  14. Bryan,Thanks for all your help. It's greatly appreciate.
  15. Bryan,1) Do I have to always load the Cessna first and then PMDG or can I save the configuration and start the PMDG directly, because I have been loading the saved configuration. 2) Does the black box ever disappear?Thanks for the help,
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