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  1. ulf:many thanks for the reply. i missed the earlier thread, which indeed answered my question.steve chavin
  2. has any one installed the textures from "what a wonderful world" along with Ground Environment X?steve chavin
  3. damian:thanks very much for the additional information. most of us use asx with virtually no understanding or appreciation for the complexity of what the final program achieves. i doubt that anyone really expects perfection. this thread does prove that you and your colleagues are ready to listen to our comments and to try to respond constructively and perhaps successfully. more than that i do not expect. but be assured that i will continue to use asx and to look forward to any future refinements and improvements. thanks once again.steve chavin
  4. jim:thanks for the suggestion. i do not want to prolong this thread unnecessarily. i was hoping to be able to continue to utilize the virtues of asx, not to get rid altogether of any adverse weather conditions. is it possible to choose a theme such as clear and calm while using asx or are you saying that this choice is made through fsx directly and without the use of asx?thanks again for your patience.steve chavin
  5. jim:i stand humbled and corrected. thanks for the clarification. i presume this means there is no simple fix for this problem without using asgx?steve chavin
  6. chris:i do not want to be a nuisance but after my last reply, i found a couple of earlier coments in an earlier thread on this forum which are relevant to our present discussion. here is a copy of one of them:408888, "RE: Opinions wanted on Activesky X"In response to Reply # 12 The problem with the haze layer ending abruptly at higher elevations resulting in a definative line with the mountains sticking above it has not been corrected in ActiveskyX which makes flying in mountainous areas look like Cr@p. The FSX converted version of Activesky 6.5 does not have this problem. So I use AS6.5. AS6.5 will also work for both FS9 (which I still fly) and FSX.If you are only going to fly FSX, I would still get FSX and hope that Hi Fi will fix the above problem.in view of the fact that the earlier version, ASV 6.5, did not cause the haze problem, isn't it possible to add some programming to asx to accomplish the same solution? i am not a programmer or graphics designer, so this question may be totally inappropriate, in which case i apologize. i do really like asx; i would just like to see it even better than it is.
  7. chris:thanks for the helpful answer. i don't mean o criticize youyr graphics program.it is simply that i have previously used one of your competitor's graphics package and have not yet made my mind up for fsx. meanwhile, i will try to implement your suggestions while considering my options.steve chavin
  8. like danon, i used to see tthe low level haze in both fs9 and fsx, usually in very limited areas and mostly in what appeared to be valleys surrounded by mountains. my impression now is that with fsx+sp1a and asx +sp1, the problem has become much more common, affects larger areas, and gives the appearance (in extreme cases) of a large body of white water approaching the peaks of hills or mountains (see the attached jpg in my earlier contribution to this thread).what i am hearing from chris willis, if i understand him, is that the solution to the problem requires the installation of as graphics. this is not very helpful to people who might want to use a different graphics package or no add-on graphics package. are there no other solutions in terms of fsx settings or asx settings alone?steve chavin
  9. chris:thanks for the reply. at the moment, i do not have xg installed and have not decided which of the graphics programs to choose. can the problem be corrected by asx users who do not have your xg program installed?thanks.steve chavin
  10. can someone tell me how to install x gauge into a new aircraft which is installed into fsx after the initial installation of asx? also how can one make modifications, after asx is installed, in the access key for x-gauge in various aircraft?thanks very much.steve chavin
  11. i do not know if my problem is low level haze or something else, so i will join this thread with a picture. periodically, there will suddenly appear what looks like a dense, ground-hugging fog; it is sometimes very limitd ina rea and other times, as in the attachment, it is extensivel. in the present case, it alomost looks like a water level which does not quite reach the tops of hills. in thie present case, insome qreqw, it is slightly translucent and you can see textures breaking through, but then the opaqueness suddenly reappears. the present picture is over puerto rico, on august 24, and the weathewr was fairly nice. the flight level was only around 3900ft, so we are seeing fairly low clouds or whatever it is. i have only asx plus its sp1 installed. in this flight i am using fsx graphics, not asg.can anyone tell me what we are looking at, and how to correct or prevent it from occurring.thanks very much.steve chavin
  12. sorry for the difficulties. i just finished a complete reinstall of fsx and there is a copy of simicons1024.cab in the gauges folder. it is dated 9/4/2006 and is somewhat larger than the one in my fs9 installation (dated 6/12/2003). will there be any problems substituting the smaller and older cab file?my correct e-mail address is: stephenchavin@verizon.net.thanks.steve chavin
  13. bob:sorry to have to trouble you again. i still cannot locate the 2 new panel icons you refer to. i can see the original 3 stacked one on top of the other on the left mid side of the panel, but cannot see the auto pilot and kneeboard ones which you have inserted.thanks again.steve chavin
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