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  1. Hi wprinter. I've just seen your reply to my post. My Avsim password was playing up!! Thanks for coming in on this, I appreciate it. TP is one of those progs. where 'one size' definately does not suit all. It requires a good bit of tweaking, dependant on system specs. to get it to run at it's best. For instance, I run with no mip bias at all and have no shimmers, yet TP installs a mip bias line into the FSX config. It has taken me a long time to get it sweet. Now though, I am going to try your tweaks, having copied my ini file of course, to see if there is an even better visual appearance. Regards...Ken
  2. Hi there. No problem re. your delay in getting back to me. I have been busy myself. How do I post the ini file? When I say the .6 LOD, I mean that I have the ini file set for the 60 cm detail level as opposed the the default 1.1 in FSX. I will try and post the ini file whilst you are gettin back to me.
  3. Hi folks, after an upgrade I can now use TP with FSX. I am currently using the .6 LOD and it looks good here in Fife Scotland. However, I am still getting rectangles of blue colour in the sea. I also get them in FS9. I am assuming that they are scenery tiles and they are devoid of the water detail. They flit about and appear in random places right up to the coastline. I get good coastline detail as I fly along in the cessna and then I get an odd tile which appears a basic blue colour with other blue tiles out to sea. I have not included the ini file as yet. I am hoping that someone has dealt with this or similar before. Any hints or tips/ideas would be appreciated. Cheers...Ken
  4. Hello Leen. Many thanks for your good wishes. Regards...Ken
  5. Hi Folks.In FS9 I have taken the Clive Ryan C-130 panel folder and placed it into the folder of another C-130 that I liked the textures of. I have renamed the original panel folder, so that is ok.I now find that the Autopilot Master switch will not operate. When I click on it I get one flash of the switch light and the AP disconnected warning tone.I have looked at the a/c config file but cannot see anything that would make the master switch not work. I have copied in the air file from the original aircraft that the panel was in. I have confirmed the model file is named correctly. I have deleted out the complete autopilot gauge using Panel Studio and replaced it with the default 737 but the switch on that one will not operate either. I am now well and truly stuck.Do any of you guys know why this should be? I must be overlooking something or it is something that I as yet do not know about.
  6. Hi Leen,The alpha layers are pure white already. The original a/c textures had white alpha layers. I had a bit of a glitch halfway through when saving to .tga but since sorting that by saving as 24bit bmp and then DXT3 for the final save back to the sim then they have stayed as triple 255.I will make a new folder and copy the textures to it then recolour them as you suggest. I see what you mean about the equal coloured aircraft.I will post back with the result..........OK, here's the result The aircraft looks exactly the same. So it looks like the shading is inbuilt to the model. My boss at the VA says the a/c looks fine, so it will stay as it is.Thanks again.
  7. Hello pipe. Yes, I did manage to find out why there was a degradation in the colourway of lines that I had added to the fuselage texture and also to the edges of text.This was because I was doing what DXTBMP does so well. I was opening a texture file in DXTBMP, sending it to my edit programme, making my edits and then reloading it after edit back into DXTBMP then saving back into the sim in it's original format. DXT3.I thought that I was well on my way to being an aircraft painter. I did not realise that DXTBMP is a lot more powerful than the way I was using it. I need now to experiment further with different formats and also to look at the alpha channel and how to make use of it.Looking at the aircraft from a distance it looked ok but when I loaded it back into my editor for further repaint or fine tuning I was dismayed to find that when I zoomed in, the colour quality was poor. At that point I did not know why. I then spent some time correcting things only for the same thing to happen.Leen, Bill and yourself have shed light on why this was so. Now I have made a folder structure so that I can save textures in a higher quality format,as well as saving the texture file in the native file format of my editor. I still am unsure about the shading differences on the fuselage. However they show up on the original textures that came with the aircraft so perhaps there is nothing that can be done to change that.This thread has developed into a lively discussion. One that will help many aspiring re-painters I am sure.Regards to all...Kenny
  8. Hello again folks. Let me at this juncture say how much I appreciate the help that has been given to me. I knew how to do the basic function of opening into an edit programme and then 'Reloading after edit'. What I did not know was the info about the dangers of doing this several times.I am now in a much better position to produce good quality repaints. I am now more confident to back up an a/c's textures and go experiment using some of the different file formats in DXTBMP and to compare the results.I will also need to read up on using layers. I get the impression that layers are much more versatile than the basic way I have been using them up to now. That is, simply, copying and pasting lines, doors and windows etc.It's a good feeling to know that people are prepared to help out and share their information and techniques in such a way.Regards to all...Kenny
  9. Hi Folks. I have finally and with your help successfully managed to finish my repaint. Like I said earlier, it was meant to be a simple rework and addition of new text. I have learned a lot about using the programmes and am gratefull for that.However, I am not sure why there is such an abrupt colour change at certain areas of the airframe. Particularly along the top of the fuselage and at the base of the tailfin. Also above the flightdeck windows.I have checked that the colour matches in each of the textures and rotated the aircraft in the sim to allow for sunlight but am dissapointed that the a/c has so much shade differences. I have read that this could be inbuilt in the model. Do you think that this is the case here?
  10. Hi Leen, here is the shot. This is after an edit in PSP9, saved as tga, then opened in DXTBmp. The Alpha channel in the original textures is completely white. I do not know where the grey and black has come from.I have had to make an attachment. I do not know how to insert a picture like you did earlier.
  11. Hi Leen, thanks for sticking with me on this, I appreciate it.Yes, I was thinking along those lines regarding the file saves. I have not as yet simplified my folder structure although I have made separate psp and tga folders to save to. I will sort out my folders once I know what works.One more thing I have discovered. When I open the tga file in DXTBmp the alpha texture box now shows the bottom few lines of the image as not being pure white, 255,255,255. They are grey and black jumbled together. I refreshed the Alpha one time but on the next reload it was back to the same way again.Will I just refresh back to all white when I am completely finished?
  12. Hello again folks.I have downloaded FSR demo to use as a viewer. I understand about the dangers of continually re-saving the same texture file in DXTBmp. However, I cannot figure out how to get the file from PSP9 after an edit , back into the a/c texture folder without going back through the conversion process in DXTBmp.I am obviously not looking at this correctly. Could you advise me a bit further please?
  13. Hello Pipe, thanks also for your input. It sure is a steep learning curve, especially when you don't know what the heck's going on. However, this is a great community we are part of. I appreciate all the help.BTW, your Tup looks really good. Well worth the time and effort.
  14. Hi Bill and Leen. Many thanks Leen for taking the time to do a schematic for me. A picture paints a thousand words!! I know what to do now with these textures. It is not a big repaint I am doing. I am only cleaning up the panel lines on the a/c fuselage and doors and adding some text. So it should be straightforward. Bigger work later!!Bill, I was experiencing blocks of different colours along these panel lines after saving my work back into DXTBmp, taking a look in the sim to check and then reloading for further editing. These blocks were 2-4 pixels or so in height and width. I had been converting back and forward each time I was checking my work in the sim. The nice crisp lines had degraded each time. It was driving me nuts because I did not know why.Now I do, thank you oh thank you.
  15. Hi Leen, thanks for the help. Is this the drill?1 Open the texture with DXTBmp into PSP92 Make any edits then save the file in PSP9 as a psp file.3 Re-open in psp for further edits until I am happy with the result.4 Save finished texture as a bmp or targa.5 Reload after edit with DXTBmp and save back to the sim.DXT3 will be more frame rate friendly than 32-888. Is that correct?