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  1. tenkaten

    Ils problem

    Hello,I have a problem during approach with ils freq.set in nav 1 and nav 2 and localiser moving I cannot activate the loc or appr.button all other pushbuttons are working normal please let me now whats wrong best regards martin.
  2. tenkaten

    Engine trust

    Hello,I have a problem whit the b737-600/700/800/900 trust setting,when I fly FS Approaches Vol 1 - Europe it is not possible to control the engine trust either with my trottle lever or keybord inputs or auto trottle,when I select the trottle vieuw the trottles are in idle and it is not possible to move the trottles to a other position but when I fly a normal flight selected via the select flight menu everything is normal so only in Fs Approaches it locks up please let me now what to do because I cannot fly this adventure with the pmd 737 best regards martin.
  3. First I am happy with the new update but then I am a little bit disapointed because still my goflight panels are not working togheter with the mcp I had hoped that this item was solved with the update
  4. tenkaten

    GoFlight and PMDG 737 Compatibility

    Hallo Ferry,Kun je mij ook vertellen hoe ik mijn goflight panel GF45 moet configuren om hier mee de autopilot van de pmdg 737 te bedienen dit is mij tot op heden niet gelukt bij voorbaat dank martin.