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  1. I'm trying to get the right side front and rear passenger exit doors open on the 737ng.I found this great guage on avsim i use to open the cargo doors and left side rear passenger exit.Now that the latest version of AES (Airport Enhancement Services)includes the option to call up catering trucks and they pull up to the right front and rear exit doors, how can i get these doors open?Thanks Alex
  2. Ok, Thanks for that very detailed response.I will gather all of the necessary data,(drivers etc) before making the move.Alex
  3. Has anyone tried running FSX on windows XP-64? With all of the problems people are having running FSX on vista as well as running vista for basic home use.I'm running FS9 on XP and it's smooth as glass.I've had FSX for several months and would like to switch to a 64 bit system but not on vista.Any input would appreciatedAlex
  4. I'm happy to announce that after 7 flights, short and medium haul,not one ntdll.dll error.Adding the fs9.exe to the DEP Exceptions menu did the trick.Thanks Jason. Alex
  5. The 744 was the last aircraft to be reinstalled.I'll clean out my docs and delete the fs9 config and see what happensThanks for the helpAlex
  6. I recently rebuilt my flightsim box, reinstalled and updated all of my pmdg software including the 744. I'm back up and flying the 737 but every time i try to load the 744 fs9 crashes. I checked the event log and got the standard (i don't know what happened) error message from windows. Any help would be appreciated!Alex
  7. Ok, i'll add fs9 to the DEP exclusion and see what happens. This is different than what has been sugested in other forums, as they sugest adding explorer to the DEP exclusion.Adding fs9 makes more sense being that it is the program that is directly effected.I'm running XP Pro with SP2.I forgot to mention the processor is Intel core2 quad.I'm currently at work, but will give this a try in a few days when i'm off again and will let you know how turns out.Thank You For The Help!Alex
  8. I recently rebuilt my flightsim box with all new highend components. The specs include (bfg nvidia 8800gtx oc2 graphics card,evga nforce 68oi sli mainboard,2GB of corsair xms2 DDR2-800 system memory,2 seagate sataII 320 gb harddrives in an Zalman Fatal1ty FC-ZE1 aluminum case). I had fs9 running smooth as glass for two days and then fs9 crashed on a flight from kdal to kiad. The event log stated the crash was caused by an ntdll.dll error.I read in one of the other forums this error is caused by explorer.exe. I'm really looking for more input on how to fix this problem once and for all.Thanks for any help you guys can give.Alex
  9. After reinstalling ActiveSky6.5,making sure i have build 552, i ran several flights some long haul 2800nm and 3500nm with no errors.Thanks for all the help!Alex
  10. I'm running ActiveSky 6.5 on the same machine as FS9 and i've been getting these errors, activeradar.dll causing fs9 to crash.It appears to happen most on the long haul flights, 2000+ miles.Ant ideas what could be causing them?ThanksAlex
  11. Yes. I have the 800 & 900. I'll change the option in the pmdg menue and see what happens.ThanksAlex
  12. How can i get the lower eicas screen in the 737 vc to work?Thanks Alex
  13. Yes, that was the problem! All is fine now.Thanks for your help.Alex
  14. I recieved my Goflight MCP Pro today and promptly bought and downloaded the interface software for the PMDG 747/737. I followed the installation instructions to the letter installing the key code then software and got it up and running. I started up FS9 and selected the 744,opened the pmdg tab and connected the hardware to the software.After testing out only a few switches the hardware stopped functioning.For example, i turned on the FD and armed the autothrottle.When i turned them off, the switches on the sim and hardware stayed on. No luck also when turning the alt and heading knobs , nothing changed.Am I missing something???Would appreciate some helpThanks Alex
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