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  1. A friend recommended me to check if it was any fan in the PC not running and when opened the case found that the video card fan was not running.Bought a cooler from Zalman, the VF700 CuAl, and my problems are gone.Thank you all,Maikel
  2. Thanks for the answers.I only use FS9 and have not experience with other games. However the system is running with not problem and not graphics issues with any other standard program under WindowsXP.I will try to low 1 point the FSB in the BIOS (if I find it, ;-) and will report. I also hope I don't have to buy a complete new Graphic card.Regards,Maikel
  3. You will be my last chance to solve this problem:Please see the screenshots attached.As you can see I am having in the screen a lot of flashing "points" that I am not being able to avoid. ( In the screenshot seems to be showed less points as in the real ).I had reinstall the FS9, have changed catalyst drivers several times, scaned, defraged, installed all kind of new drivers for my hardware including MOBO, etc. Have removed the case and cleaned the computer of any dust. Cleaned for virus and spyware, changed all kind of settings from both the catalyst center and from the BIOS. And I am still getting the problem.If you please have heard or know how to fix this issue please let me know.My systemAMD 64 Athlon 3000+Asus KV8 Deluxe1GB RAM SB Live! 5.1Radeon 9800Pro 128MBMany thanks in advance,Maikel
  4. Sorry for my late reply, but on this days I am finding very little time to spend on the simulator.Anyway, I could check on a flight from EBBR to EDHI and found that on climb I spend fuel depending on the altitude. First more than 4000 Kgs/h and then decreasing until 2000 aprox.On cruise level spent around 1200 Kgs/h, and descending spent 400 Kgs/h.On approach and final, keeping 240 kts spent around 1700 Kgs..... And those figures means about 1000 Kgs more of fuel spent than the PMDG 737 on the same route and spending about the same block time on both aircrafts.Thanks and RegardsMaikel
  5. Hello CaptainsHow realistic is the fuel consumtion on this aircraft? ... Because I spend always much more fuel with the airbus 320 than with the PMDG 737 !!... and my virtual airline is not so happy about that :-)Thanks for input any commentRegardsMaikel
  6. Hi JaapSorry I answer so late. I had till today not time to check the forum.I also checked the connections following your instructions. Could not follow everything exactly as you explained because the ribbon cable I have don't have red marks but white.Anyway the cables, both power and ribbon, only fit in one way to the motherboard or to the drive, so I think everything is correct.The 1.44MB floppy option in the BIOS is activated.... but still no success.Thanks anyway for your advise.RegardsMaikel
  7. Hello,Few days ago I upgrade my computer (thanks to Edwin who helped me in this forum). I got a new MOBO Asus A8v deluxe and AMD 64 3000+. And I also purchased a new Corsair RAM 1Gb.I assembled then the old hard drive and old fllopy drive.Now, after a few days I am enjoying many FS2004, everything running as I dreamed before when I had my old pentium.The only problem I have is that the BIOS don't recognize de floppy drive. I have tried everything (I think), I have change positions of the cables, the cables it self. The only thing I get is the permanent light in the floppy drive, nothing else. WIndows says it has all controllers installed, but....Anyone with any ideas?ThanksMaikel
  8. Thanks again Rob.Very usefull indeed.RegardsMaikel
  9. HiJust wonder wich cost index to use for my very nice airbus 320.Normally I use 50 but it is real? :-hmmmWich one do you think I shoud use?Thanks everyone and RegardsMaikel
  10. Ok,I think I understand now. Thanks a lot. Now I also know a bit more about geography, cars, and computers!! ;-)Seriously, thanks a lot for your advises and help.All the bestMaikel
  11. Hello EdwinSo 1600nm so far away from Japan no?, jeje. Well glad you are ok anyway :-))As you can see I am not so good in Geography, neither in computer. It is faster an AMD 64 3000+ socket 939 at 1,8GHz than a Pentium 4 at 2Ghz socket 478?What is best: Buy the motherboard and the CPU by separate or all together in one piece?Any nice link that you can recommend to check?Many thanks again and all the best for youRegardsMaikel
  12. Hello EdwinMany thanks again for your help. Is beeing very helpful. Really!Making a quick search on some internet pages I found the AMD Athlon 64 for ~ 155 euros and the MOBO with VIAK8 for ~ 90 euros.Do I need any other thing, like a fan or something else?Sorry for asking so many. I have so many wish to use FS9 in good conditions!!Hope you ( and beloved) did not suffer from the earthquake that happened today in Japan.Many thanks againMaikel
  13. Hi EdwinMany thanks for your reply.I agree with you. Everything depend on the budget. The budget is clear for me: 300 Euros (I live in Holland). Only want to be sure that what I buy it will fit on the computer.I checked again the spec of my computer and the Hard disc, CDR/W and DVD are with IDE connectors. Don't know if that will be different to the new motherboards. By the way, if I change the motherboard could still be possible to use the same software that is already installed on the hard disk?. Would be nice to know.As you can see on my budget, I will be happy to get a motherboard with AGP slot, as I got the 9800Pro not many time ago, and a PCI express card will increase too much my expenses.Thanks againMaikel
  14. Hi EveryoneCould you please give me some advises in order to upgrade my computer?The system I have now is:Pentium 4 at 2 Ghz with motherboard Columbia GX manufactured by Gigabyte for Packard Bell. Graphic Card PowerColor radeon 9800 Pro 128Mb2 memory Ram of 512MB each at 266First idea was to change the processor but searching on internet I found that the motherboard would allow only to update to a 2.4Gz processsor so I am thinking in change the motherboard but I have some concerns about the new one. Don't know sure if all the components are going to work properly.As I never did this before, my concerns are mainly if the new motherboard will fit in the box, and if hard disc, Cd R/W, and rest of elements, will still work with this new card. Maybe anyone who has some experience could give me some tips.Many thanks in advanceMaikel
  15. Ok, Just discovered that I have DME to NAV if I start the Dash8 with engine running and keep them running.But I promise I always start the simulator with default Baron, avionics and engines on.RegardsMaikel
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