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  1. Thks, never even thought of looking there. duh!!
  2. For some reason the menu bar is in view all the time and doesnt respond to using the space bar anymore. Dont see it listed in the keys and buttons options. Anywhere else to look? Thks.
  3. Ever since I loaded a file that put the stearman into the game,it gets to the point where it is loading, then it comes up aith an error that says unable to load aircraft model:stearshd.acm file:AMODEL CPP line:226. hit return and it kicks it back to desktop. Somtimes it will go ahead and load,mostly it doesnt. Have reloaded game,searched for file amodel cpp and cant find it and cant find the stearman in the aircraft folder,but it shows up in the aircraft selection chart. version 2.5.240 on xp pro
  4. thks for ur help. Yes, I did a flight plan and the weather and opened it before i pressed alt f-12. 1 last ?,I did a sit. flight plan,would that make a diff? Wouldnt think so. Ill try my own plan once and see. Let u know if it works.
  5. Same, same. Just get the same message. I dont think this prog likes me.;(
  6. No log file as their is no log file in the original folder of c4tov20 either.Does any of the other c4 prog have the log file?
  7. Everything is as u say. Still cant find any scripts in folder according to message.
  8. Thks for ur response. Everything is as u state and it still says their arent any scripts in directory.
  9. I have installed flyscripts v2.0 along with c4tov 2.0. All patches are in game 2.5.240 and no probs with game. I just get a message when trying to start c4 that there are no scripts in flyscript directory.I have read the readme and all documentation associated,but i still dont understand how u get a script to put in the directory.Does the game provide it or what?I dont understand any of this language.I do have a few quirks about the game,but I dont think they have anything to do with what is going on.I will describe them.I have not been able to make the stearman acft work,although it has a pic of it in the acft selection.I instlled the files,but it caused an error in start up,so i deleted em.When i just tried to see what files would maybe be the prob with c4 by moving em to pc or flyscripts! folder,I got and error of not being able to load stearman acft.this was when i put flyscripts.dll frm pc to flyscripts,putting it back couses on errors,game loads and works but of course no scripts in flyscripts directory.thks Leon
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