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  1. Hello Robert,Thank you for asking. I left the airline in November to return to my engineering job. When I left it was more for personal reasons than anything else, but it turned out to be a well-timed move, I suppose.How are you doing?Peter
  2. Thank you both for the advice. It appears that it worked.In particular, it seems that the indicated airspeed option was the culprit. It must somehow have become corrupted.Cheers,Peter
  3. Gentlemen,ever since I installed the freighter version of the 400, initation of a go-around using the "TOGA screw" on the MCP causes MSFS to crash to desktop in better than 50% of cases (AP on in all cases).This is true of the freighter and the PAX version, even though I never had this problem with the PAX version before I installed the freigher version. I've observed the problem both with the initial release and the 1.01 update of the freighter.What am I doing wrong and/or how can I fix this?Thank you,H. Peter Stassen
  4. This is only a minor item, to be sure:Is there a way to arm (and subsequently disarm) the slides in the A320 simulation?Thanks
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