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  1. Pete, Did another reinstall of the livery and other liveries as well...both 737/737TNG and 747 QOTS and got the same resultsEd
  2. Hello All, I have had my PMDG a/c for a long time now.....I recently had to reinstall.... when i tried to install one of the liveries from the pmdg website i get the message that the aircraft.cfg cannot be opened When i click ok i get the message that the PMDG livery adder encountered problems and needs to close Any suggestions? thanx in advance Ed Callan
  3. Hello All, I have had the B757 for awhile now but recently I have been having problems with some areas of the panel as i hover my mosude over them the screens change....I have uninstalled and reinstalled a number of times an and no change....During reinstall I get asked to overwrite or no these files baloo.ttf and irs____.ttf Would this indicate a problem with the installer I have also downloaded the exe from the website a number of times...I have no p[roblem with the B777ThanxEd
  4. Hello All, I have the B757 and it is great...When Im entering perf data in the FMC for example 136.9 for zfw I sometimes hit the period on the keyboard (intstead of using the period on the FMC keypad) which causes the the panel screens to go blank. I cannot get the panel screens back on after that. Is there a command i can use to get the panel screens back. thanxEd
  5. Hello All, I was wondering if anyone else had this problem....When my B747 QOTS is airborne my FS9 hesitatesa(pauses) evey 2 mins for about 12 seconds.On the ground there is no problem. I have resinstalled, changed scenery, aircraft, and wx settings. This does not happen with any other aircraft I have. I have not added on any liveries. I am still at default settings for the B747. Thanx in Advance Ed
  6. Hello All, I just got my B747 and it is very nice....I would like to do some practice ILS app's...Can some tell me how to manually insert ILS Freqs in the NavRadio page of the FMC.
  7. Hello All, I was wondering if there is a way to change the retract spoiler command from SHIFT+/ to just / .....thanx
  8. Hello All Is there an autoland capability on the B737NG/800/900....If so where in the manuals is it?....thanx in advance
  9. Thanx for the info guys....I'll wait and see if anyone has used windows2000 pro with it
  10. Hello All, I dont have windows xp but have heard that the b747 will run on windows 2000 pro which i do have......true or false ....thanx in advance
  11. Hello all, I cannot get the MENU or FIX buttons to work on my fmc,,,I have the 777-300ER Pro Base...Is there a fix for this ......thanxEd
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