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  1. Hi John,Thanks for the info. The creeping is just a little disturbing. I had to leave the 737 idleing at the gate and do a couple chores and when I got back the nose was in the concorse and the Pilot was visiting with the people in there.:)One more question,,What should the N1 be at idle?
  2. Hi all, My 737, any varient, will creep ahead at idle thrust with the parking brakes set,, N1 22.6 And with the brakes released it will roll fast enough for taxi speed. I have checked and recaliberated my controller,,Logitech wingman extreme digital 3d.Is this OK or should I call Maintenance to have them check and repair.:-hmmm Marshall (Bob) Gordon
  3. Thanks Dave, And a big "duh" for me. I did try the variant window for the 600 and it has no options,,so I didn,t even try on the 700.I have updated the SID STARS data and have a good flight planner which will export to PMDG. Just thought it might have been a "glitch" since a friend of mine has the PMDG 747 and it came with bunches of flight plans. He doesn't use any of them. makes his own.Again, thanks Marshall (Bob) Gordon
  4. Hi allAs indicated I have a brand new 737,,well several now, and to try and do things right I dug out Tim Metzinger's Tutorial V2.The first question,, Tim mentions that the tutorial, V2, was completely redone for PGMD SU3 and to select the 737-700 with winglets & Virtual cockpit.I have 6 aircraft, 3 737-600 & 3 737-700 but none with winglets????Am I missing something or maybe there is a patch or upgrade that I need?Question,, In the Flightsim PMDG Flightplans folder there is nothing,,Is there no installed ready made flight plans?Thanks for Any answersMarshall (Bob) Gordon
  5. Thanks guys,Yes, I probably will start with a default or freeware aircraft and i'm sure there will be a learning curve from the small GA aircraft that I am used to. I did d'l. the RC manual and have been reading through it but i'm sure there will be questions.Also just reading thru the posts here, and i've been thru most of them, will help a lot.One thing I have noticed is that on the larger default craft the radio stack is only available by "shift 2 or something". Don't the big jets have the radios available on the main panel? oh wellagain thanksMarshall (Bob) Gordon
  6. Hi all,,First, I am a long time user of FS but until very recently I have only flown the small GA aircraft. I have read a lot about RC and ordered it, and am waiting for delivery. Reading posts in this forum and others it seems that a lot of you don't fly the MSFS default aircraft (commerical). I have flown the default 737 a little but as I want to start flying long range, probably just North America, was thinking maybe there is some aircraft available that would be more realistic. While payware is not out of the question, to begin with I think freeware would be my option. So What are you guys flying for routes around the US.any suggestions would be welcomeThanks.Marshall (Bob) Gordon
  7. Hi Ron and thanks, I surely will be reading the RC manual and with RC I won't be needing the generic FS ATC. I will think about AS but probably will wait a while,,until I get comfortable with RCbobgo
  8. Hi all First post here. I have been using FS for years now but just using GA aircraft. Just started using the big jets.Question,, What controls wheather you get the option for IFR when you contact tower for taxi? I use FSBuild for makeing up flight plan, then export to FS & FSNav.That way I can fly the flight plan and watch it on other monitor.Sometimes I get the menu with the IFR option, sometimes not,???I have ordered RC, Just waiting for it to arrive.Useing mostly default 737,,,I start with making plan in FSB, it usualy has one already, export to FS & FSNav,,Run FS and choose Flight planner and select the just made plan and let FS move my plane to the selected airport, sometimes I will select to be at the gate, then the keystroke to get taxi info. Sometime I get Taxi IFR and sometimes not. I know it is something I am doing but I can't figure out what.????Any help will be welcomeMarshall (Bob)just call me Bob, Gordon
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