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  1. Yeah. Figured that out years ago. Still don't like it. Been flying Flight Sims since Sublogic on a Commodore 64. Learned to program Fortran (anyone remember that) on an IBM mainframe in college and built and rebuilt my own computers so been around awhile. Problem started because I couldn't see the radio master switch without a hint.
  2. Thanks guys. I have a new state of the art system really loaded and a 24 inch monitor but still have problems reading some of the gauges that aren't popups.
  3. Is the panel VC only? I was under the impression that it had 2D as well. My old eyes don't work well with VC panels. The G500 never gets past the "Initializing" stage. Map works ok but that's all. Something missing? Is the weather gauge included in the basic package or is it a separate add on or purchase. Pretty package but seems to be not well done. Reinstalled twice just in case that was the problem but no joy? Suggestions?
  4. Got new makerwys, rebuilt in RC. Still getting the same error message.
  5. Upgraded XP to Win 7. Now when I try to load a plan I get Run-time Error 62 ". . . get_departure_information" and RC closes. I run RC as an adminstrator and have tried running it in XP compatibility mode. Help please. Love RC and don't want to change to something else for FSX. Ray
  6. Thinking of buying RC and have a specific question. With the default FS ATC if you acknowledge a direction to switch to a different ATC and frequency but don't do so, you can continue your flight without any further instructions from ATC until you near your destination, switch freq & contact ATC and resume normal ATC ops. I do this on many long flights so that I can do other things and not be chained to my computer for three or four or however many hours. Is this possible with RC? Since almost all my flying is with the virtual airline VPA which requires a once an hour check in, even if not flying online, the pause and resume is not a viable choice. Thank you.Ray Stone