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  1. Another good freeware flight planner is Flightaware. Once registered, Flightaware allows you to review USA Domestic flight data for both commercial and GA aircraft and it also provides approach plates.Tom
  2. I have the Carenado Mooney and it is very easy on frame rates.Tom
  3. Jim,Thank you for our response. I have a friend who built a heavey duty machine for FSX and his framerates are still in the teens. We were debating on what the results would be if he reloaded FS9.ThanksTom
  4. Will FS9 run on a dual core 64 bit machine?ThanksTom
  5. You are correct it has 2 ADF Receivers.Chapter 13-1 NAV, Com, Flight Director & Autopilot2 VOR ReceiversDME2 ADF Receivers2 Comm Radios1 Transponder3 Markers BeaconsMIC SelectorsThe 2 ADF Receivers are found in the overhead panel.Section 13.3.2 explains how they are used in the aircraft.Tom
  6. Yes, but sometimes you just need to clean out your head, redefine your approach, catch a breath, and use the pause key. Attempting to land any payware jet is difficult, there is no shame in hitting the pause key to get reorganized.Tom
  7. Skyking,The Dreamfleet/Flight 1 Boeing 727 is one of the jewels of FS9. Try flying it with the flight director. The flight director is intended to allow you to manually fly the aircraft. That is, hands on yoke, AP is not engauged, you follow the commands with manual inputs.Try it, its a great experience. You can use the flight director from wheels up to wheels down. You will find the information about the Collins Flight Director on page 13-7.Tom
  8. I'm running an older computer with frame rates set at 20, 1280 X 1024, TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=80 & TEXTUREMAXLOAD=10. To sutters.Tom
  9. Two things:FSNaviagator is great program, but its really suited taking the FS9 default aircraft up, down and around. Although its FMC capabilities are really limited, it has a graet moving map feature. It is also out of production.The second point, if you really want to experience "as real as it gets", buy a payware aircraft like the PMDG 747-400 or the Level-D 767-300. Both of those birds have outstanding FMC/CDU capabilities. Tom
  10. I don't use the default FS fuel screen to load fuel. I do it through the PMDG 747-400 Configuration Program. I was able to stop the messages by selecting unlimited fuel through the FS9 Realism Menu, but I was really interested in selecting the correct setting within the aircraft.Thanks for the help,Tom
  11. After a long time away from the PMDG 747-400, I just began flying the bird again. Here is my problem, although I use the 747 configuration program prior to loading FS9, and I check the drop down menu for the correct fuel, I still receive an error message.The message is that the fuel level is critical, press Ctrl + X. This message repeats over and over again throughout the flight. When I reveiw the FMC PROG screen it tells me that I'll have more that enought fuel to land, if anything, I'm holding to much fuel on board.I have checked the EICAS for fuel, it shows that I have a smal amount in the forward center tank. I'll then shutdown the forward center tanks at the overhead panel. I would expect that shutting down that set of pumps would cure the problem.What am I doing wrong. Please point me towards a page in the manual so that I can see/read my error.ThanksTom
  12. I just completed rebuilding FS9 fron scratch. Had a few problems, like forgetting to reinstall FS9 SP1, but all in all it went fairly well. There were two reasons that I rebuild FS9:1. Somehow with my adding/deleting of various terrain add-ons, almost all of my North American airports were elevated.2. FS9 payware/freeware was taking up 32 GBs on my hard drive. I decided to trim some of my software.I do have one small problem, after rebuilding, the textures between the runways and taxiways, for the most part, all contain the "crossed" textures that you see flying over cities. Is there a texture file for the grass/ground cover found between the runways.KSEA looks find, but other airports like Boeing Field look different.ThanksTom
  13. A quick question. Do you load FSAutostart before you fly?Tom
  14. Good morning,I had a bad case of the blurries also, but things are looking much better now. I found help on the VOZ Website. Look at the tips and tricks section and read the Koorbys 2 minute post. You will find much of the same information that was provided to you ealier and a couple of updates. Also search the website for TC01. I poster wrote to me a post that provided a video on a recommendation of how my ATI Video Card settings show be established. That also was a large help.Tom
  15. Rob - Thanks. Earlier, when I looked at both of the ads on SimMarket, the ads looked identical.Thanks againTom
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