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  1. Scott, I pulled down LWMViewer2 and will try it this weekend. I need to read and understand the "manual" before I give it a try. Thanks Tom
  2. Mel, I'm sorry that I never got back to you to closeout our 1st discussion. The file named: McChord_VTPL was not found on my system or in my backups. I also did a system search using only the VTPL portion of the file name. Although I found a number of files containing VTPL, I did not find a file containg both the McChord and VTPL within its title. Florida has been great, but it took a short while to have my cable and internet installed so I got way behind in reading the forums. I think my next attempt to resolve my problem will be to install the MAIW files into a temp folder to see what a where each file is place during installation. I'm hoping that step will help me isolated and identify the MIAW files placed in FS9 during installation. Tom
  3. A while ago I installed a small number of freeware scenery files and one of them created a problem for me with FS9. If I attempt to either load or pass over the Seattle area FS9 fails to run. If I attempt to load a flight in the Seattle area the sim hangs while loading the scenery files, that is it fails early in the load process. If I fly over Seattle the sim stops operating. In either case the task manager tells me that the program is not reponding. What is the best method to trouble shoot a scenery load issue? I have removed the freeware files from both the sim and from the control panel. I have ran the FlightSim Manager, ScanAFD and FSTscenery programs. In all cases the problem remains. How can I isolate the Seattle area scenery files found in FS9? Is there a list of the default files that make up the region? I just move from Minnesota to Florida and I have a new email provider. If I need to rebuild FS9, can I rebuild the sim using my old email address (no longer working) or do I need to contact vendor such as Flight1, PMGD, Aerosoft, Eaglesoft, etc. to have them change my licence information? Thanls Tom
  4. Have you tried deleting your fs9 config file? Back it up first, and restart the sim and it will generate a new config file.Tom
  5. I just moved from Minneapolis Mn to Hudson Fl. The move required me to change my email address to a new local provider. Is there anything I need to change in the AVSIM Site to reflect the change in email? Tom
  6. Mel, I attempted to post an answer to your response last night but the system hung and I was unable to post. The two sceneries that you mention in your post are two of the sceneries that I had activated in the Seattle area. I also have the FlyTampa Seattle flattening patch installed in the area. My problem when I load a flight everything hangs on the scenery load of the flight generation phase. If I overfly the area things go black and the sim is dead. I never installed the KNUW flatten unles it was a part of the auto install of the Milatary AI Works Whidbey Island Growlers Package. My wife and I are in the process of moving from Minneapolis to Hudson Florida. The movers are coming either Monday or Tuesday to pack and load. I most likely will not be able to work on my problem now until we get resettled in Florida. Thanks Tom
  7. Ok I determined what caused the scenery regeration load issue that I was having. It operator error caused by not reseting the system clock after using FlightSim Manager. Prior to reinstalling FS9, I believe at this time that I headed down that path, is there any type of methodology that that could limit my reinstallation to just scenery files?Tom
  8. Yesterday I ran both FlightSim Manager & FTsenery and still had the problem. This morning the sim quit regenerating the rebuild process (not certain why it quit regenerating prior to everyload of the sim). Since Seattle area appeared to be the only area messed up yesterday, no problems creating flight from other areas, I attempted a flight from Chicago Meigs to Airlake. What a found in Chicago was a bridge in the middle of the runway.Still could use addition helpTom
  9. I understand that the rebuild process occurs when changes are made to the scenery library. It's now occuring without any changes being made to the library. What is interesting is that the rebuild process without changes varies in time. The process may take as little as a second or two, or up to three to four mintues.Also the area in which I am seeing the problem is bounded by KBFI to KSEA. Airports near Seattle, such as KPAE, KTCM, KPWT, will all load. Once airbourne near Seattle the sim crashes.Tom
  10. I'll check those files next, but as of this afternoon, everytine I relaod the sim, it rebuilds the scenery database.Has anybody ever seen that problem?Tom
  11. I believe that I have taken everything out already, if the trusted software like the Fly Tampa Seattle package, but I'll double check. The crash occurs during the create a flight load of the sim. The sim begins to load the scenery objects,but hangs at 0% complete. It also hangs on flyovers in the region.Tom
  12. Disabling the MAIW traffic was a good idea, but still no Seattle. I did go into the scenery library and removed all MAIW scenery files and AFCADS. I then recomplied the remaining traffic files, still no Seattle. The problem seems to be limited to the Seattle area, that is that at this time I still can fly anywhere else in the world.Anybody else have any ideas that I could try?Tom
  13. Ian,Thank you for your help. I downloaded the scanafd progran, ran it, reloaded FS9, but it did not resolve the issue. Scanafd found no errors. I then made an attempt by running Flightsim Manager and it did find a couple of scenery and landclass issues, so I cleaned them up, but the problem still remains. Prior to running the two above programs, I had also ran the Flight1 Registery Tool and the FSTscenery programs.Anybody have any other ideas?Tom
  14. Recently I discovered the Military AI Works web site. Lots of interesting addon's and upgrades to FS9 can be found on the site. I have added a small number of their addons without any problems. Since they have numerous AI aircraft for bases located in the Seattle area, I download and installed a scenery file that upgrades MCChord AFB. The file was entiltled KTCM_JS.ZIP. After installing the file into the FS9 scenery library,I found that when I loaded KTCM it whould cause FS9 to crash. After trying the software a couple of times I uninstalled it from my computer.The problem that I have now, is that the entire Seattle area, and the airports in and around the area will either not load at all or they will load to a point and then crash FS9. Anybody have an idea what I need to do to restore the area? I am not certain that the KTCM file is the direct cause of my problem, but I expect that it may have some for of a causal effect to the problem.Tom
  15. Although I never use the the Ryan NYP, I do know that on the Flight 1 Web Site they offer a freeware verson of the aircraft. The file can be found under their freeware tab. They list the model as being a FS9 aircraft, but the auto installer looks for a FS8 folder. Just redirect the installer to your FS9 installation.Tom
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