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  1. HiIch benutze die Szenerie von Georg Aubele, zu finden auch hier in der library, und bin sehr happy mit dieser Version. Wie auch mit seinen anderen Werken Köln, Frankfurt und Schönefeld.Micha
  2. You can see a few pictures at simflight.dehttp://www.simflight.de/modules.php?name=N...rticle&sid=7219
  3. -do you know how to fix this runway ???!!!You can use 'AFCAD' by Lee Swordy to change the runway surface.
  4. you can also add LOWI Innsbruck, Austria to the listMicha
  5. Great idea!I noticed bitumus runways also in PANC Anchorage and LOWW Vienna.Micha
  6. hi you can try AFCAD by Lee Swordyafcad221.ziphave funMike
  7. HelloI have the same problem with my 737 and can't find any solution. Maybe someone else?Thanks Micha
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