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  1. Update. I turned down the graphic settings to the lowest settings and it worked for two flight segments. On my gaming laptop with a Samsung HMD, it flew smoothly, but with shaky video. I need to figure out how to make the shaky video go away. In either case, X-plane VR has great potential and flying the 737 was really cool. I like the way the X-plane team integrated the controllers, but it was hard to manipulate overhead switches. Then again, I couldn't see my controllers. Maybe Oculus users can see their controllers while flying, but I can't. Anyone know how to decrease shaky video with a Microsoft Mixed Reality Headset? Please let us know the best settings. Thanks, George
  2. I was able to launch it once, after that X-Plane 11.20 beta just crashes. So here's my setup: i5 with a GTX 1050ti running Windows 10 and 8GB of ram. My VR headset is a Samsung Odyssey Microsoft Mixed Reality headset. When I ran it the first time, it looked great, but when I move my head around the display shakes. Otherwise it's smooth. It almost appears that the refresh rate isn't set correctly. If you're using a mixed reality HMD, could you share how you got it to work? Thanks, George
  3. Hi, I decided to update to P3D V4.1 yesterday. I'll try the 747 in the next couple of days. Thanks for the info.
  4. Yes, it's the current version. Luckily, it tells me when I start the program if there's and update. I know there was an update just a few days ago that I updated to. I will follow the link for help, thanks.
  5. Just updated my profile to include my full name, thanks. Yes, last night I was on the runway at KMCI while heavy precip was falling with quite a bit of lightning, but no weather displayed on the ND. Yes, Active Sky was connected and yes,there was precip on the field. As a matter of fact it was a pretty cool effect seeing the rain coming down at an angle due to the winds.
  6. Hi, I use to see thunderstorms on the ND, but now nothing with the weather radar in WX+T or WX. I'm using Active Sky for P3D V4 and running the latest version. By the way, I'm still on P3D v4 and running the current version of PMDG 747 QOTS II. Haven't upgraded to 4.1. Thanks, George
  7. Is it motorized? How much? Thanks, George
  8. dornier

    take a look at our new B737 Yoke!

    Hi, how much? Thanks, George
  9. I'm in the same boat. Thanks for the tip until it's fixed. UPDATE: Disabling "MB Hide" fixed it for me! Thanks, George
  10. dornier

    737ngx update problem

    When you log into your account, select "my account" and your "instant downloads" and it should be there. Aerosoft did get back to me and it sounds like they updated the USA server version.
  11. dornier

    737ngx update problem

    Update, I downloaded the installer from the EU server from Aerosoft and it has the correct working version. The file size of the uninstallable version was about 762MB versus the installable version which is about 873MB. Hope this helps someone out there, George
  12. dornier

    737ngx update problem

    I just updated the PMDG 747 with no problems, but the 737 NGX gives me the same error when trying to reinstall. I think I know why: 1. The 747 base installer was downloaded from PMDG. It installed perfectly and found my P3D V4 location. 2. The 737 NGX base installer was downloaded from Aerosoft using the USA server. This happened to me the last time and I had to download the installer from the EU server and then it installed with no problem. I'm doing that right now since it's a no go with the USA server. The only issue is that it's going to take over an hour to download the file versus 40 seconds. Yes, I have a 1GB fiber internet connection and still shows anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. Hope this helps, George
  13. dornier

    pressurization error everytime

    Me too. I starting hearing a horn and had no idea until I looked at the cabin altitude. I think it was at 15,000ft, but the packs were on. Sounds like an easy bug to fix unless we're all missing something. George
  14. dornier

    Undocking CDU/PFD/ND causing FPS drop

    I fixed the issue thanks to a post in another thread at Avsim. Hope this helps you.
  15. dornier

    Undocking CDU/PFD/ND causing FPS drop

    Boy I'm glad I saw your post. I was going crazy trying to figure out why the newly updated 737 for P3D V4 was so sloooooow! After reading your post I closed the CDU that was undocked and I went from 7fps to about 30fps. I need the CDU undocked for my Opencockpits CDU. I hope a fix is coming soon! Thanks, George