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  1. mohawk067

    Strange Request

    Thanks John for taking the time to answer my question maybe in FS10 they will give us some of the good things about the MSFS's up to now.
  2. mohawk067

    Strange Request

    In the default Cessena 208 you can reverse the engines while in flight, I assume it has something to do with the gear, because when you land on water your gear is up and the reverse works. I'm not some much worried about the actual look as the feel. Thanks
  3. mohawk067

    Strange Request

    Can anyone tell me how to adjust the aircraft config file so the thrust reversers deploy in flight. On the real NASA Gulfstream, and Boeing acft they deploy the T/R's to simulate the acft slowing down coming back in.:-jumpy
  4. I would be greatful if someone would be so kind as to do a repaint of either Henry Tomkiewicz Gulfstream G-IV or LiderDesigns Gulfstream V in primer green. I work for Gulfstream Savannah, and there is always 1 or 2 "Greenies" parked on the ramp at KSAV. Thanks in advance for any consideration.@-@