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  1. Hi Guys,I have an Athlon 3500 with an ATI X800 card.I am wondering how much of a performance boost I would get by upgrading to a Geforce 8800 GTS?Any opinions would be appreciated.Thanks
  2. Hi Guys,I have an Athlon 3500 with an ATI X800 card. I am thinking of upgrading to a geforce 8800 -320. Can anyone tell me if I will seea night and day difference in performance? Thanks
  3. O.K. Guys, here we go!http://www.newairplane.com/
  4. Well, I finally broke down a bought a copy and installed it with SP1.I have an Athlon 64 3500 with 2 megs of DDR 400 and a Radeon 800XL.It flys well enough on my present system to give me a good idea of how great it will be on a new power system.I love how smooth it is and the new aircraft dynamics.I am using the Wilco bus with it and it's great!In retrospect, I am glad I held out until SP1. But I am now a true convert :)Thank you Aces, great work!(But please keep those service packs coming)P.S. Also wondering if there are any post SP1 CFG tweaks?
  5. Bill,The point is...if I am going to have to spend X thousands of dollars on a new system and negate all my payware for FS9...purchase all new payware for FSX...am I REALLY going to see an X thousands of dollars of difference? So far from everything I am reading and seeing I have to say not yet. Maybe 6 months or a year from now it will be a different story. I hope so because I would like to feel excited about the improvement, like I did with FS9.
  6. This is exactly why I have been sitting on the fence for FSX.With your system, you should be able to have all the sliders maxed.SP1 will improve performance, but....that will be for the default install. I am waiting to see what happens when people start adding scenery, weather and complex heavies. All of those components are mandatory for me.
  7. Thank you all very much. Most appreciated :)
  8. Thanks Guys,I appreciate the advice, but Im still a little confused,should I opt for quad core over dual core? Will FSX use quad core?What about DX10? Should I wait for a video card that supports that?Thanks
  9. Hello Phil,As you guys are close to releasing SP1, can you please tell me exactly what kind of computer I should buy to REALLY run this sim?What processor? How much RAM? What video card?Should I wait for DX10?I anticipate adding complicated payware heavies, airports,weather and scenery down the road.If I am going to buy a new system, I want to be assured of FLUID performance.Thank you
  10. Thanks Ron,Well it worked...Great!My Arianne 738 looked wonderful.Unfortunately, it hit the frames hard, so back to the blurries :)
  11. Ron, I can not find this anywhere in the FS9.cfg file.Can you be more specific?Thanks
  12. Thanks guys,But I seem to remember seeing some edit to the CFG file here on the forum. I can't seem to find it in the search engine...
  13. Hi Guys,Does anyone know how to sharpen VC guage quality by changing something in the CFG file?Thanks
  14. For what it's worth, I have to say that this is my favorite plane right now...even more than my LDS 76 and PMDG 74!Even in "expert" mode I think flying the Airbus is a breeze...Maybe you sould give it another chance, be patient, take your time,and learn the proceedures.It's far more gratifying to climb a mountain than a molehill :)
  15. The first quarter is coming to an end...Where is it ? :)
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