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  1. Yes the default Cessna flight has engine running but not the PSS 777. The engines quickly shut after the FS2004 has loaded the scenery and other files.
  2. Yes, I tried the default flight setting but still no change.
  3. Yes I tried that but still no change.The switch setting can't be altered using a mouse. I cannot switch on the lights using the mouse(clicking on the lights option in the overhead panel) but I can switch the lights on if I press 'L' on the keyboard. When I press 'L' I can see the switch going up and down but not with my mouse.
  4. Yes I can provide with more detail.1) I start Microsoft Flight Simulator 20042) Select the B777-300ER (PSS)3) I click FLY NOW!4) The FS2004 loading bar comes upAnd then after 5 seconds once the plane has loaded the engines switch off because the fuel has been cutoff.
  5. I am having a problem with the PSS 777. Whenever I select the plane and want to fly, after about 5 seconds the fuel flow gauge is set to cutoff automatically and this results in engine shutdown so all the avionics are switched off. I can't switch it on so the fuel flows and the engines can restart. Please help me out!!
  6. I have passed my theory exam for C1 rating and I will be doing my practical exam this Wednesday 3rd August 2005 07:00pm British Summer Time or 06:00pm GMT time. The exam will be held at EGCC (Manchester, United Kingdom). If you are a member of the IVAO organisation http://www.ivao.org then please come to EGCC. You can get the charts for EGCC on this website http://www.ais.org.uk/aes/pubs/aip/html/egcc.htm You need to be a member then only you can get access to the charts. Membership is free but if you can't be bothered to all that then please contact me;AIM=indiancrew4k4ranMSN=karan_gorania@hotmail.co.ukYahoo=platinumdesigns_pd Thanks!See you at Manchester then!:-wave :-spacecraft
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