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    Calm Air repaints

    A while back, I remember seeing Calm Air repaints for Rick Piper's HS748 package, but I can't remember where they are. Can anyone point me in the right direction?Thanks,Rob Hansford
  2. rob9990

    Square coastlines

    I recently re-installed all of my add-ons and re-installed FS9 as well, and now my coastlines look boxy! Even lakes have boxy edges. I've attached a few pictures as examples. I have FS Global 2008 installed, as well as numerous scenery add-ons. I've checked for an answer and found a few answers, but none work for me. I've updated my display drivers and any landclass scenery folders do not have textures in them, as far as I can tell at least. I don't know what else to try!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!Thank you,Rob Hansford
  3. rob9990

    Square coastlines

    It doesn't seem to matter where I fly, it all seems that way. I was reading elsewhere that reloading all of the default water files might eliminate this problem. I'm a little hesitant to do that as I have a lot of add ons installed. Has anyone tried this?Thanks,Rob Hansford
  4. rob9990

    Square coastlines

    Does anyone else have any suggestions? It's not a huge problem, but it does kind of take away from any realism when you're flying over square bodies of water!!Rob Hansford
  5. rob9990

    Square coastlines

    Thanks for the reply. I installed everything by running the install again. I had this problem once before, but everything I tried last time doesn't seem to work this time.Rob Hansford
  6. rob9990

    Start up Error

    When I attempt to start up FS9, I get the following error:scenery.cfg file error. Invalid Remote scenery path in scenery Area.001This error continues for Areas:003,004,005,011,012,013,014,015,016,019,020,021,022,023,024,026,028,029,030,033 and 034.I tried to uninstall FS9 and reinstall, but it did not let me fully uninstall FS9, due to some scenery areas.Anybody have any ideas?Thanks,Rob Hansford
  7. rob9990

    Start up Error

    Thanks for this suggestion.I have now managed to fix this problem but am faced with yet another one.When I start FS9, it starts fine now, the splash screen comes up as the program loads. However, when it reaches the point where it would let you choose a flight or create a flight, it just stops loading and goes to the desktop. I have absolutely no idea what is going on now.Anyone have a suggestion to fix this?Thank you,Rob Hansford
  8. rob9990

    Crashing to Desktop

    Whenever I load a flight other than the tutorial flight, Flight Simulator crashes to the desktop. I've tried this with aircraft other than the PSS 777, and it still happens, yet, I had no problems before I installed the 777. Is anybody having the same problem, or am I all alone on this one?Rob Hansford