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  1. Hi,> The info regarding NVIDIAs new drivers don't even mention>its effects on FS. I may be wrong,but I don'see it. There>great for all the games.Like Doom,Call of Duty 2,Sniper>Elite,and many others. My favorite of course is "Stubbs The>Zombie In Rebel Without A Pulse"> Seems to me ,like I suggested before,Ya gotta follow the>money.You gotta follow free thoughts, not Microsoft. To pay $399 for XBOX then XBOX-FS price, lose all your add on possibilities (which is a f*ck-off issue to all other FS addon software developer), see how VATSIM and IVAO technology brakes down to a Microsoft hardware encoded payservice -> no fs-world for me anymore.If this horror scenario gets real (only FS for XBOX) I really hope, that all FS addon developer (free- and payware) will finally learn, that they've "set on the wrong horse", and change the platform they develop for (far, far away from any Microsoft's influence sphere)-> X-Plane (which I don't use presently) or FlightGear (which I don't use presently) or whatever.Scince now the only Microsoft product I was personally really willing to pay for was the Flightsimulator Software and Win2k. With XBOX-only versions of FS even this will stop.>They,Them,may have done so already.> I think I'll sit back and wait now,enough.I'm glad to know that there were such a lot of people actively fighting for freedom in Game/Office/OS markets.Stay awake,Stefan
  2. Hi Tom,Microsoft could have every reason to support such a survey. You not. Why do you play Microsofts instrument without a reason?Stefan
  3. Hi Barry,what's about the poor countries, if Microsoft's developing FS2006 for XBOX exclusively? What if Microsoft's XBOX will be outdated in 12 months by improved hardware power of pcs? What's about the real complex addons and route plannings? What about your software you payed for? EVERYTHING replaced and done as well by Microsoft on XBOX?NEVER EVER!!! In my opinion (and I do not have any special interest in this community), this is an attempt by Microsoft to make more money. They are sick of making more money.Especially the survey, which directs into one special direction by itself, makes me think of especially marketing and product placement, nothing else. I wonder how AVSIM shows the nerves to let itself be abused by company interest directed surveys.Stefan
  4. The consequence of all this marketing sermon (spoken without any technical knowledge - showing up the dollar signs ringing in eyes):Get rid of Microsofts software _AND_ hardware, this keeps the world free and the worldwide participation to online networks possible to everyone! We all want to fly with poor countries, poor members in a free and escpecially Microsoft-free airspace. The link of MSFS to a hardware gaming device is directly the opposite!!!ALL your "reasons" of "optimizations" e.g. frame rates are simply not and will never be this evident, especially your 3d gfx things you say![??????!!???] I believe the reason for all this discussion is just DOLLAR DOLLAR, MONEY, MONEY, DOLLAR DOLLAR, MORE MORE MORE DOLLAR, sick of MOREMOREMOREMORE DOLLAR DOLLAR DOLLAR EURO EURO MOREThat's your "technical" reason.It's incredible!!!
  5. No, no no!!!We do MUCH more than gaming every time we fly. Count your applications for route planning, add-ons, sceneries ....NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER give this all in bill gates' hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!stefan
  6. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...&topic_id=23223
  7. Hi guys,concerning your Survey: If Microsoft changes its development exclusively to X-BOX: I will change to another simulation software immediately. In the same second.What's your opinion?Bye,Stefan
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