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  1. In my case I was not using cinematic view. However, I was using outsideviews and I have a button on my yoke assigned to my primary VC view.
  2. Seeing the same here. Can't complete my flight now.
  3. I have checked, but have not noticed anything that caught my attention. Will however keep looking.
  4. As if I had written it myself. I have done many long hauls since the release of V4 but I have only had these stutters on flights across the Pacific. I've done many flights from UK to US without these stutters. I did perform my first Pacific crossing in V4 after the release of the hotfix. I'm currently flying SFO to AMS and will have the chance to check if it happens on this flight as well.
  5. It did help to re-install the SP1 like mentioned above. I was though reluctant to do so as I was a bit concerned that it would mess up my FSX-installation. But, everything is working fine here now, and #### ASX is awesome!!
  6. I had both .NET 2.0 and SP1 installed and still get this message..I Installed .NET 2.0 before I installed FSX at all.So what is the problem then?
  7. I've experienced the same problems. I've just aborted a flight from Darwin to Sydney. I found ot that the rudder went to a fully right or left position. It centered itself when the nose of the plane pointed directly north. I deleted my fsuipc.dll and fsuipc.ini, and then placed fsuipc 3.53 in modules. Restarted flightsim and it seemed to work...until I got airborn. The aircraft suddenly made a hard right move along the yawaxis. I tried turning on AP with LNAV and RNAV but the aircraft only flew inn circles not following the flightplan.I'm affraid I got to do yet another re-install... I guess the guys at PMDG are getting rather tired of getting e-mails from me asking to reset my instalations.
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