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  1. Yes I mean the APU is on Not started
  2. Guy's With all four Eng's shut down, with ground power on and APU set to on (not start) I can not get the APU Gen2 or EXT PWE2 to show AVAILwhat am I missing Ive never had that problem befor getting the noes openAlvinNewark N.J
  3. Guy's in order to assign a key to lower to stairs on the 737-700where do I go for the key assignment. I checked the PMDG 737NG/747-400Keyboard Assignment there was nothing there protaining to the Concordnose, or did I over look something ??? if not Where do I find the keyassignment to lower the stairsAlvin
  4. Guy's how do I lower the stairs on the 737-700, I saw something aboutusing the same function that lowers the noes on the concord but where is the key assignment that say's 737-400 stairs Thank's MuchAlvinNewark N.J
  5. Neslesman, Thank's again, I looked at all 58 PMDG 747"s there were no National Airlines, I did see the PamAm's. could you point me to another site that might have the National Airlines texture, I also looked at the site FlightSim.Com Thank's againAlvinNewark N.J
  6. >Have you seaarched the Avsim library, there's tons of them in>there with how to files?>>Edit: To be sure I just checked and there are six pages of>them. Installing new textures for aircraft is quite easy. If>the one you choose has unclear instructions just look at a>different file for more clear instructions.Thank's Neslesman, I went into the library and type in on the Search For= box National Airlines 747, And in the Category box=Flt Sim2004 AirCraft repaints Textures And Mod, All I got was National Airlines tristar, Where did I go wrong ????Alvin
  7. Guy's I'm from the PanAm, Eastern Airlines ,People's Express and best of all National Airlines error. my question is can I change the texture of the Queen of the sky's 747-400 to a National Airlines texture and if so can someone point me to a web site that I can download this texture file with a how to file think's muchAlvinNewark N.J
  8. CPTAB


    Thank's Big Al, Your the manAlvin
  9. CPTAB


    Thank's DJ, That worked fineAlvin
  10. Guy's The 747-400 Queen of the sky's and 747-400F worked fine till I install a new hard drive, I lost the 747's and had to reinstall thembuy down loading them from PMDG, After I installed them I tryed to bring one of them up, The 747-400 aircraft came up alright but with this massage [PMDG ERROR] [FSUIPC Version is to old. You need at least V3.48 or later. Flight Simulator will now close] First what type of file is FSUIPC ?? And where do I get a updated copy of it and where is it installed, I don't understand what changed I used the samecopy of WinXp and the same copy of Flight simulator Pleas help so I can get back in the airThank's MuchAlvin.BNewark N.J
  11. Guy's after tower clear me I spooled up the engines for take off the #1 spoled up with no problem but the #2 stayed at idle althrought the both throttle's were pushed forward on my 737-900. I taxied off the runway shut down both engine's and restarted with no problembut when I spooled up both again but only the #1 engine max out the #2 engine only spooled up to 22% of N2 what am I not doing or doing wrongthank's muchAlvin B
  12. Guy's Ive got this problem that just started for nor reason that I noEach time I start up my FS2004 and set up a flight the screen start's to blink like every 3 to 4 sec's all throught the flight, It just goe's black and come's right back. can someone please explain this I don't get it Thank's MuchAlvin B
  13. Bob If I setup a landing runway on the FMC at the departure airportan change the runway before arrival would I have to change the NAVradio also or make the change in the FMC Thank's for the info back to the book'sAlvin
  14. Guy's for the life of me I can't seem to set the nav radio's up for a I.L.S landing with the 747's. Ive read the manual and it just does not give me the info I need. I have no problem with the 737's there very easy but the 747's I just can't get the hang of it. just settin the radio's to the right frq is a problem I'm not sure if I'm setting the right one's, is there a forum that deal's with setting up the nav radio's for a I.L.S landing or a web site in can go to Thank's MuchAlvin
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