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  1. How can I make it? This is my simobjects.cfg: [Entry.0] PATH=C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects TITLE=SODE Common SimObjects ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false [Entry.1] PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE\data\SimObjects TITLE=SODE Main SimObjects ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false [Entry.2] PATH=SimObjects\Airplanes TITLE=Default Airplanes ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.3] PATH=SimObjects\Avatars TITLE=Default Avatars ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.4] PATH=SimObjects\Rotorcraft TITLE=Default Rotorcraft ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.5] PATH=SimObjects\GroundVehicles TITLE=Default Ground Vehicles ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.6] PATH=SimObjects\Boats TITLE=Default Boats ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.7] PATH=SimObjects\Animals TITLE=Default Animals ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.8] PATH=SimObjects\Misc TITLE=Default Misc ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.9] PATH=SimObjects\Submersible TITLE=Default Submersible ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.10] PATH=SimObjects\Weapons TITLE=Default Weapons ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.11] PATH=SimObjects\Countermeasures TITLE=Default Countermeasures ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.12] PATH=SimObjects\###ai TITLE=###ai Traffic ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true
  2. Thank you for the answer, but yes, I copied it.
  3. Hi I have the problem that in every airport I can see only 6-7 AI GA airplanes, but no B737, no B747, no 777, no A320 and so on. In PSXsecconTraffic i have a lot of red messages like "BAW365 320M British Airways Airbus A320-200 could not be created!". I use skiAI. Attached last logs. Any help? Luca PSXseeconTraffic.log InvalidAircraftCodes.txt InvalidAirlineCodes.txt VMRGenerator.log AI_liveries.txt
  4. What about FSUIPC, version 4.959 is compatible only with hotfix 1?
  5. And what about a fix for the big fps loss after the patch that affects many customers (see the topics about it)?Luca
  6. Because a PSS member wrote: "Do you think if we had seen a loss in frame rates we wouldnt have said something?"I think they believe that it isn't a B777 problem, but only a computer-related problem.I hope that the posts in this thread can serve to change their opinion.Luca
  7. >-Default Cessna at KSEA loaded first to set default settings>-Frames Locked 27>-Clean windows (seperate computer only for fs)>-Background processes off using Smartclose>-System AMD FX-57, RAID0, 6800GS XXX, 1GB OCZ PLATUNIM >>-NO PATCH>-->CONCL. NO ISSUES,SMOOTH AS ANY OTHER ADD-ON<-->>-LOAD FOR EXAMPLE PMDG AFTERWARDS, FRAMES STILL FINE>>__________________>>-Default Cessna at KSEA loaded first to set default settings>-Frames Locked 27>-Clean windows (seperate computer only for fs)>-Background processes off using Smartclose>-System AMD FX-57, RAID0, 6800GS XXX, 1GB OCZ PLATUNIM >>-WITH PATCH>-->CONCL. FRAMES ALL OVER THE PLACE EVEN AS BAD AS DOWN TO>LOW 10's<-->>-LOAD FOR EXAMPLE PMDG AFTERWARDS, FRAMES RETURN TO NORMAL AND>EVERYTHING IS FINE AGAIN, LOAD PSS AGAIN AND THINGS ARE BACK>TO THE LOW PERFORMANCE ETC..>__________________>>>I usally don't complain, but as some people I too have issues,>and Its definatly NOT my system, looking at the hardware>furthermore it even is a butt-nekkid windows, no progs other>that FS. The patch did "something" which affects certain>computers, as some people don't have any issues. Any>resolution to this PSS? As of yet, the bird is grounded, sadly>this is not what i expected after all these months, to me it>just feels strange that it had more potential BEFORE the patch>:(>>PS: THIS IS NOT A BASH POST! Just to clarify thatDoes PSS need many other examples for starting to solve this problem?Luca
  8. Can PSS post a link to download the old PSS-777.gau?Thanks, Luca
  9. So no other investigation by PSS about this problem?If with the same settings as version 1, there's a 10 FPS loss with the patched version, and this loss doesn't affect all the other aircrafts, it's evident that the problem is in the PSS patch and not in the general FS settings.So I'm waiting for a solution.Luca
  10. >I have changed this to unlimited whilst i use the PSS 777 and>it has allowed me to use this aircraft. However if i set the>aircraft up (no weather & no traffic) the frame rates>fluctuate constantly from 40 - 10. It looks as if some process>is loaded with the panel that is constantly polling the>processor. I have tried the performance settings on the panel>and it has made no difference.>Should state that this is the only aircraft that this happens>on. Even the PMDG 747 remains steady at 35 fps.It is exactly what's happening to me.With frame rate locked at 27 I have 18 on ground and in cruise (and in external view too!!!!), with a circling and very fast (half a second) jump to 27.With unlimited, it fluctuates from 18 to about 70 (100 in external view), but the changes are very very fast and continuos.It's not a FS settings problem, because with the other planes, the frame rate remains as locked, or, if unlocked, it doesn't jump up and down constantly.Hope this can help PSS to solve the problem.Luca
  11. To Norman: in the setup menu, all the three items are at 6 (like in version 1, and I think it's the default setting).To Dave: my frame rate is locked at 27 to keep it constant for the most time, on ground and approach too, and with the other aircrafts (PSS 330&340, PMDG 747&737, LDS 767, CLS346) it is really so. FS runs at 1280x1024x32 in full screen. If you wish others dislapy settings, I'll post later when at home.Recently I didn't change any display setting.In my opinion, something runs simultaneously hidden from the normal routines.Thanks, Luca
  12. I think the PSS staff must investigate. It's not the result expected after a 4 months wait.Regards, Luca
  13. So I'm not the only customer with this problem.I think it is panel-related, becouse if I try to merge the panel with the Meljet 777, I have the same big FPS loss.Any help would be appreciatedLuca
  14. With version 1 I had 27 FPS locked at 27 on the ground in 2d panel.After the patch, I have only 18 FPS, with the same settings in the same conditions (777 setup, airport, weather, time, livery ...).The 18 FPS still remain when in cruise, with clear sky.I uninstalled and reinstalled the 772LR and the 773ER with no luck.It isn't an hardware problem because I have an AMD FX-57 with 2GB RAM and 7800GTX.With the others addons (320-330-340 PSS, 747 PMDG, 767 LDS) the frame rate goes up to 27.Why this big loss?Any help?Thanks, Luca
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