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  1. jim213

    problems with qantas 738 repaint

    Problem solved, I had completed a fresh reinstall and forgot to update 800-900 model. Cheers
  2. I have just downloaded the qantas repaint for 737-800. Quite often I can't tune radios and landing and runway lights don't work. When I was doing a flight to yssy from ybcs, I lost all electrical and hydraulic power and couldn't even see eicas etc. I'm not sure what's wrong, but it can't be 737 itself as I use the 700 all the time with no problems at all. Is anyone else having these problems and if so, how did you fix them.Cheer jim
  3. Hi, when planning flight, how do you calculate headwind/tailwind and speed. I am aware of the average speed direction through as6. But if one is flying say on a heading of 360 and wind is 100kts at 270, I usually half the speed i.e., headwind of 50kts, is this the correct method. How would you work out heading of 360, wind at 100kts from 290Jim
  4. Flightplan as requested. I use FSBUILD and then transfer to FSCOMMANDER. This is how I have always done it. At first I never had this problem, only recently and I haven't changed the way I do things.[Flightplan]AppVersion=9.1.40901title=YBBN to YSSY description=YBBN, YSSY type=IFRroutetype=0cruising_altitude=34000departure_id=YBBN, S27* 23.34', E153* 07.57', +000010.00departure_position=01destination_id=YSSY, S33* 56.77', E151* 10.63', +000020.00departure_name=Brisbane Intldestination_name=Kingsford Smith Intlalternate_name=waypoint.0=, YBBN, , YBBN, A, S27* 23.34', E153* 07.57', +000010.00,waypoint.1=KK, BN, ,BN, I, S27* 21.95', E153* 08.36', +000000.00,waypoint.2=KK, LAV, ,LAV, I, S28* 05.39', E152* 55.49', +000000.00,waypoint.3=KK, APAGI, ,APAGI, I, S28* 50.94', E152* 35.12', +000000.00,waypoint.4=KK, TESSI, ,TESSI, I, S29* 27.07', E152* 18.76', +000000.00,waypoint.5=KK, MSO, ,MSO, I, S31* 23.26', E151* 24.64', +000000.00,waypoint.6=KK, MEHAN, ,MEHAN, I, S31* 56.51', E151* 09.80', +000000.00,waypoint.7=KK, CORKY, ,CORKY, I, S32* 29.92', E150* 54.76', +000000.00,waypoint.8=KK, BULGA, ,BULGA, I, S32* 47.29', E150* 57.84', +000000.00,waypoint.9=KK, BOREE, ,BOREE, I, S33* 14.24', E151* 02.64', +000000.00,waypoint.10=KK, BEROW, ,BEROW, I, S33* 36.80', E151* 06.97', +000000.00,waypoint.11=KK, SY, ,SY, I, S33* 56.57', E151* 10.84', +000000.00,waypoint.12=, YSSY, , YSSY, A, S33* 56.77', E151* 10.63', +000020.00,[FSC]DepartAPCode=YBBN DepartNum=0DepartID=01DepartType=RwyDestAPCode=YSSY RouteType=0SID=STAR=WP=1,,BN,BRISBANE,-27.3659,153.1393,113.20,23.9470,11.000,1,1000WP=2,,LAV,LARAVALE,-28.0898,152.9248,117.80,194.6073,11.000,1,18000WP=3,INT,APAGI,APAGI,-28.8490,152.5854,0.00,201.2633,11.000,1,36000WP=4,INT,TESSI,TESSI,-29.4512,152.3126,0.00,201.7968,12.000,1,39000WP=5,INT,MSO,MOUNT_SANDON,-31.3876,151.4107,115.30,201.6463,12.000,1,39000WP=6,INT,MEHAN,MEHAN,-31.9418,151.1634,0.00,201.0862,12.000,1,38000WP=7,INT,CORKY,CORKY,-32.4987,150.9126,0.00,200.9701,12.000,1,27000WP=8,INT,BULGA,BULGA,-32.7882,150.9640,0.00,172.0238,12.000,1,24000WP=9,INT,BOREE,BOREE,-33.2373,151.0440,0.00,171.1955,13.000,1,16000WP=10,INT,BEROW,BEROW,-33.6134,151.1162,0.00,171.3889,13.000,1,9000WP=11,INT,SY,SYDNEY,-33.9429,151.1807,112.10,170.5788,13.000,1,0
  5. Sorry if this is covered, I searched and couldnt locate anything on it. When I have my plan loaded, the first letter of waypoint is missing.eg. YBBN SID LAV H62 CORKY H39 BOREE STAR YSSY - during this flight CORKY will be displayed as ORKY and BOREE as OREE. Not a major problem and hopefully a simple fix.Cheers