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  1. Hi, in MSFS the airport layout of the addon will not be identified by Little Navmap. MSFS shows the correct data. All other addon airports hare displayed correctly. What can be the reason? regards, CFG023
  2. Hi there, purchased the SW package at aerosoft and cannot find where to register at the FS2CREW website. FS2CREW Express is properly running though, regards Bernd R. Schindler alias CFG023
  3. Hello Ray, THX very much for your support. RC is running again. Responding also to all advices and reminders I now did backup all data files (for other sw too). best regards Bernd (alias CFG023)
  4. Hi all, using RC since 2006 I never had problems with it. This week - all of a sudden - rcv4.exe aborts with the run-time error 62. I checked the c4.-file finding it empty. no backup "as usual" ... Can anyone provide the c4.csv file. THX in advance regards CFG023
  5. Hi Fs++, nice to advise contacting support 😂, but shouldn't you post the possibility of updating the navdata? That World be useful for ALL MCE users, wouldn't it? regards and a happy New 2019 Bernd R. Schindler alias CFG023
  6. Hi there,the link of your most top FAQ on the Radar Contact website should be corrected. :( It's worth I think.All of the RC users a Happy New Year and going straight on in 2009. :( best wishes fromcfg023
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