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  1. Can anyone tell me how i get the buildings to appear at heathrow i have the runways airstairs and all the parking markings but not a single building is this normal?
  2. As FSX has been in the public domain for nearly a year now I feel we can look back at what we have received and offer constructive criticism to its creators, no doubt I will get flamed by some but I have a thick skin.First observation I have to make is that it is released under the M.S.Games banner now this may not seem important but it may give some insight as to how M.S. see or perceive the world wide client base of flight simmers especially in the light of the up and coming acceleration expansion pack. Now there is no doubt that there is a proportion of those who bought any fsim product use it like a game but judging by the huge quantity of educated people around the world who program products or create add on
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