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  1. To PMDG UsersThe reported problem with the offset on tha navigational data base was resolved using this FS REGISTER REPAIRhttp://www.flight1software.com/files/FS_Registry_Repair.exeThank you to all that tried to help!The problem is solved for FS2004 FS9.1
  2. Thank you for responding so FAST !!!Ok I will learn how to take a picture! and post a Link to itThe problem is in FS2004 and FS2002 I have 737 600 to 900 on FS9.1 and 737 600/700 on FS2002The Weird part is that the offset exist in bouth version of the simulator.There is no other problem with Level D, PSS, F1 ATR etc. So the problem is not the data from Navigraph. (PS sorry if I am not suppose to put other product here, I just want to make everyone understand that I am not missing the basics!)In the FS world you are on the localizer or ILS and the waypoint that comprise the approach are offset that is the basic problem and it is common to all the airports I have tried (6 now ).Thank you and I will get these pictures up in the next 2 days.Hector VildosolaPS the othere tread with 737 700 problem sound just like my problem.
  3. Thank You Ryan for helping.OK I understand the difference between flying a heading and maintaining a track!My problem is actually the following all my navigational information on the fmc of the PMDG is off by 20 degrees !Example if I am flying to KSEA for the RW 16 R or L my waipoints are offset by 20 degrees in other words instead of the waypoints being alligned on a line of 160 degrees they are on a line of 140 degrees. Now this is allso the case with KSAN if I input the LOC for 27 the SWATT and REEBO should be alligned with 272 degree of RW 27 in San Diego they are not !!!!!!I have tried to reinstall with old ARIC Cycle 04XX and have this problem . The Actual LOC that comes from FS2004 is correct !!! it takes you straing down the 272 track but the waypoints are offAny ideas ?Hector VildosolaThank you for your help Ryan
  4. HelloI have a problem with the ND. Using KSAN as an example I have the VOR 27 or RNP 27 waypoints in the FMC and get the proper sequence of waypoinst for the runway.The problem that I can not understand is that these waypoint when I fly down the path ( it should be 272 degrees ) is actualy offset on the Navigational display about 10 to 15 Degrees !!!!I don't undestand why ?Any ideas ?Thank you for any help that can be provided.Hector Vildosola
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