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  1. That sounds like a viable and inexpensive way to try it out. I still think I'll wait a bit before jumping in.
  2. I am planning in the future, after things calm down a bit after the launch, to purchase the sim. I read that in order for the sim to work you need to have the current version of windows 10. I installed version 2004, the current version, and it just about broke my computer. After hours of trying to fix the problems, I finally had to reinstall the prior version. I don't know if or when I will be able to use version 2004. Does this mean I cannot use MS Flight 2020 ?
  3. I never got a response from hi fi. I ended up buying X plane 11.
  4. I just purchased a new computer and am thinking about purchasing FSX SE. Will Active Sky 2012 run on the steam edition. I am running win 10.
  5. I'm running fsx boxed edition. I was told on another forum that the co pilot pop up worked but the pilot side did not. So I guess that is why it did not work. Thanks for info. Henry Hatch
  6. I'm considering purchasing the 737 ngx and looked at a video showing the available pop ups. I did not see one for the PFD. Is the video correct - no PFD ?
  7. I'm using ASE and on a regular basis the program will not launch. I don't even get as far as a splash screen. If I restart the app will open, but after a while the problem reoccurs. Other than a reboot I have tried some other things which did not work: launching from the app, running in compatibility mode for win 7,8, running app as administrator, turning off anti virus. My fsuicp and app updates are current. If I have to reinstall, I'm thinking maybe I should place it in the C drive instead of the x86 directory. I am running windows 10. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  8. Hello,Your post answered at least a good part of my question. I went back and flew with the METAR string showing wind direction of 001. I took off and at about 3,000 ft the wind direction and speed changed. When I descended, the reading went back to expected values. My remaining problem is with wind direction of 000. On the ground when I hit shift z the wind direction is 262. I tried this with the Active Sky - Clear Skies template as well as my own. Henry
  9. OK Jim,I will keep playing around with it. Enjoy your holiday.Henry
  10. Hello again,I tried using a value of 360, but that did not help. Actually a wind direction setting of 000 is in one of the basic templates that came with the package.I did hit weather settings off and default settings. No change.Attached is the file you requested. Hopefully it's the right one.Henry
  11. Jim,These are the two METAR strings I used for my flights.First flight:00010KT 10SM FEW020 BKN035 15/7 A2992Second flight:00120KT 10SM FEW020 BKN035 15/7 A2992These were strings that I edited.Henry
  12. I've been using AV6 for about 2 weeks and enjoy the program. I've just started to scratch the surface of what appears to be a robust program with many features.I ran into an odd situation recently regarding wind direction. I used a template in weather configurator and applied it to all stations with wind direction of 000. My flight was KPVD Providence RI to KBOS Boston. I went into FS and hit shift z after the weather loaded and the wind showed a direction of 240 confirmed by ATIS. This pretty much remained the same all the way to Boston.I cleared all weather, refreshed, and made sure TAF processing was off, but still had the same problem.Given a magnetic variation of about 15 deg west the magnetic direction in FS was way off. I then created a template showing a wind direction of 001. When I went into FS on the runway at KPVD hit shift z the wind direction showed as 16, converting from AV true to FS magetic, the direction seemed correct. However, as I approached Boston, the wind direction changed to 241.Why would this happen ?Henry
  13. Jim,Thanks for your response. I did not expect to hear back until tomorrow. Don't you ever go home ? 1.I installed the update ok. By the way I did manage to get the application running again after my last post. I went to Options and enabled the online mode, the application refreshed and I was back in business. Hopefully the service update will prevent the problem from reoccurring. 2. Windows is in English. Thanks for your helpHenry
  14. Hello,1. What do you mean by B500 ? 2. I don't know what language windows is written to. How do I find out ? I am running Windows XP, Media Center Edition, Service Pack 2 version 2002.I have not made any changes to Windows.I'm sorry, but I'm not too swift on technical stuff.Henry
  15. I'm getting a Main thread process error on AS v6. At first when thie error came up I closed the application and reopened and that fixed the problem. Now I got the message again and cannot get rid of it. I also tried a reboot, but that did not work. Is there a fix for this or I am I doing something wrong ? The build # is 499.Henry
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