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  1. On a flight from Albany to Chicago everything was going well. The changeover to the various agencies was achieved by pressing the 1 key and auto replies to all instructions occurred as planned. Once on the ILS approach to Rwy27L I was instructed to contact tower. I pressed the 1 key as usual but this time all I got was Not Applicable. I selected the same tower frequency on the radio pedestal but then had no way to "speak". I completed the rest of the approach with RC4 telling me to contact tower until I exitted the program.Is there a way to manually select frequency and talk should RC4 give up the ghost?Peter
  2. But when I do that and click on the rc4.exe to start RC4 I get a message saying the program is not registered and I should send off an email requesting a new key. The key supplied by previous email (following the 401update) does not seem to work. I suppose I can skip straight to the final zip file update to avoid emailing for and receiving the key any more times than necessary. Or are you saying I do not require anymore keys than the original one emailed to me.If I try to use that key following the unzipping of later rc4.exe files in the directory I get a "Server Not Responding" message at the top of the splash screen. Hence the request by email for yet another key.Thanks for quick response.Pete
  3. >the cd will ask you where you want to put it. tell id d: or a>subdirectory on d:>>when you run the rcv401update, make sure you tell it the same>directory>>unzip the zips into the same directory on d:>>then request a key>>jdSo far this has gone according to the above.Question: Is this required again with each of the unzipped filesrcv4_3831.ziprcv4_3843.zipI requested a key for rcv4_3831.zip last night but nothing back yet. Might be up and running with RC4 by the weekend perhaps.Peter
  4. I have asked JD this in a private email but I think other folks with new Vista 32 bit computers would find his answers helpful in this forum. I have tried to install to my D drive but come up with missing files and errors.My new computer has arrived and I am busy installing all my Flight Sims and payware. What I have:32 bit Vista Dual Core 2 Computer C drive is a small high rpm drive primarily for the OS (32 gig) D drive is a RAID pairing 2 x 320 gig hard drives Radar Contact CD with ver 4.0 Downloaded files rc401update.exercv4_3831.ziprcv4_3843.zip FS9FSX I assume the number from my old computer wont be any good for the new computer? How do I install RC4 on D drive ? Is there a special procedure to follow to install using Vista? Cheers Peter
  5. What is the possiblity of Block Altitudes being available above a certain altitude. With SSTSIM Concorde's need to vary height to maintain M2.0 I would prefer to be able to alter my height + or - 1 or 2K ft. Otherwise RC goes crazy with admonitions regarding my altitude. ie I am at FL450 and requested FL 470 but a/c settles for while at FL460 meanwhile RC is going on about me assigned FL470.Peter
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