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    Ifly 747 cold start

    Thanks, for the input. I think I tried this, but will verify it.Regards,Thrakete
  2. thrakete

    Ifly 747 cold start

    I have a similar problem, except the engines are sometimes dead (not trying to start) but all the power is on, fuel system set up, etc.I have also tried manually setting up my own cold and dark airplane, then saving it in a flight, but the results are the same. I have to redo parts of the cold start configuration each time I load it. Therefore I don't think it is related to the FMC cold start feature.I think it is a bug, and that somehow the airplane "remembers" parts of it's last operating configuration when reloaded in the cold start flight.Reference Point: I am using Vista SP1, FSX SP1/SP2.Anyhow, you are not alone.Regards,Thrakete
  3. thrakete

    Vista or XP

    I have run FSX on both operating systems, but with different computers, so I can't really make a comparison.However, i am currently running Vista/Q6600/8500GT, and I am well satisfied with the FSX/SP2 performance. I have air traffic set at 65%, with most of the other settings midrange, and everything is quite smooth. Things get too crowded for my tastes if I step the traffic up further. I am hoping for more improvement with Vista SP1, but if not the system is fine as is.I have become accustomed to Vista after a 4 month learning transition that included a lot of four letter words, but would not now go back to XP.I am also one of those that think future hardware/software will be Vista oriented. Having said that though, I definitely would not base a decision on OS's on the ability to use FSX with DX10 Preview. I have just recently (and briefly) run FSX with DX10 Preview active, and my personal opinion is that it was vastly over-rated.Also be aware that Vista introduces some new problems in transitioning old (including FS-2004) add-on aircraft and other associated software, but I think it is worth the effort.Regards,Thrakete
  4. Thanks-Another item in my re-education after being away for a long time.Regards,Thrakete
  5. O.K. Jim-will try the search and thanks again for all the help.Regards,Thrakete
  6. thrakete

    SP1 verification

    Thanks to both-Will not pay any more attention to it.As far as my memory, the most common thing I hear lately is "When you get to be your age----------------------------etc." I seem to remember (notice the seem) that it does not show up because it cannot be uninstalled. Can't find that info on the MS site though.Sprayed the flea with raid David-it's immune to that too.Regards,Thrakete:P
  7. thrakete

    SP1 verification

    I probably went through this exercise already, but my memory ain't what it used to be. How do you confirm that SP1 is installed? I am sure I got a confirmation when I installed it, but it does not show up on the "Add/Remove Software" list accessed from the control panel, and only SP2 shows up when I look at the FSX version data.Thanks,Thrakete
  8. EdrickV,Thanks, i will try fiddling with it. The airplanes affectd are the excellent FSX Freeware Beech DS18 recently posted, and an FSX SuperCub. Sorry, i don't have the model designers names handy.I put several days work into eliminating indicated XML gauge errors in the Beech, plus panel/gauge revisions in the SuperCub to match photos of a real panel, so hate to lose those.Since I don't know what a Texture's alpha channel is (I don't paint), I need a little more info. Do you recall how to access the blog you refer to?Regards,Thrakete
  9. Jim:Just a final message to let you know how things went.After re-installing FSX SP2 I found a box under Graphics labeled "D3D10=0". I assumed it was the DX10 box and experimented with it. I found that it made drastic changes in FSX when changed from =0 to =1. Turning it on really creates chaos in several of my add-ons; Transparencies go solid, other weird colors appear, etc. I didn't really take time to find out the whole effect, since it is obviously not usable with my set-up.However, I still encountered problems, but much less spectacular, with at least two of the freeware airplanes just by installing SP2 (Prop Arcs go solid colors etc). SP2 alone apparently also changes things in some of the older designs when used with the 8500GT NVidia card.Assuming I was working with the right box, I can put up with the minor problems with it in the default ("=0") mode, so I decided to leave SP2 installed. My reasoning is that this way I can at least use the growing number of add-ons designed to require FSX SP2. Also I seem to have picked up a few fps.Thanks again, I learned a lot about both SP2 and the DX10 Preview edition. Regards,ThraketeRegards,Thrakete
  10. O.K Jim- I checked, and they indicate that an "accidental" release of Vista SP1 for 64 bit systems for MSDN and "Technet" users was released, but that it has now been turned off by MS.The mandatory KB's you referred to are also mentioned.They also state that you don't have to go through the KB checks for the "full installation" which I assume is the one that will be furnished through the Vista updates downloads, which start in March. Anyhow, I haven't gotten it yet according to my configuration check.I am in no hurry, so will just wait until Vista SP1 shows up on my auto-update downloads.Frankly, I'm not sure what I was referring to on DX10. :9 I only recall that it was in a forum on another site, and stirred up pages of speculation on waiting for DX10 compatible Graphics cards to be available.I will now charge off and reinstall SP2 (for about the third time) and see what happens when I disable the "Preview' option.Regards, many thanks for your help.Thrakete
  11. Jim,Is DX10 Preview a part of FSX SP2? If so how do you turn the option on and off? RE Vista SP1, I just checked Microsoft's Vista info site and they indicate that Vista SP1 is now available to MSDN members only (which I no longer am) but will be available to the general public (that's me) in mid March. I do have the auto update download program on however, and will still check to make sure I don't already have Vista SP1. As I said, I have been in never-never land as far as keeping up with both Vista and FSX for a while, because everything was working pretty well. The auto update is good, and I tend to just accept the "Vista Important" updates without really checking to see what they are doing. I am more careful about the optional ones, since I have been bitten on peripheral (not windows) changes a couple of times.Do you know what the status of the "real" DX10 is?Regards, Thanks for bringing me up to speed.Thrakete
  12. Jim:Thanks for the response I am really behind the power curve it seems, as a result of not monitoring the forums for a while. I didn't even know that Vista SP1 was released, so will pick that up and see what happens. I printed out your message to use as a reference if I encounter any problems when I update Vista.As I recall, about a month ago NVidia posted a later driver than the December 20th 169.25, and indicated it was the latest for my 8500GT. My memory is a little hazy on this, but I think I tried it and saw no difference. Anyhow, that version is now gone from their site, and they only list the 169.25 (plus the betas, but I don't need that added to the original problems).I actually don't have any frame rate problems with just FSX SP1 installed, and had planned to ignore FSX SP2 because I am not into the interactive flying with other players. However, I now see numerous add-ons coming out that state they are only compatible if (FSX)SP2 is installed, so got interested in it again. I installed it, but with the 8500GT, it was not compatible with at least two of my favorite add-on aircraft, so I uninstalled it.Regards,Thrakete
  13. Thanks Dave-for both the answer and the Welcome back. I sort of dropped out of the Forums for a while there. I need to look at the Forum lists a little more before I post again.I have an LCD monitor, and your flea really threw me for a few minutes. You tend to notice it before you read the message.Regards,Thrakete
  14. A Question to the moderator-So I don't make the same mistake again, what about my posting makes it unfit for the forum I placed it in?This is not a complaint, my question is for my information only. I have been inactive for a while, so probably missed something or did not read the rules carefully enough.Thrakete
  15. Thanks for the input-As I said, my card is quite adequate (for my preferred aircraft and locations in FSX) from the performance standpoint, but I was considering going to the later 8000 or even the 9000 series in the hopes that that might solve the SP2/NVidia incompatibility problem. I will of course drop the idea of upgrading if it won't solve the problem.Thrakete