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  1. I also had the problems with TrackIR After I reset my settings under "general options/camera " to default it works again If I look at a certain place and zoom in with the right mouse button the view is held. Without zoom the view goes back to default
  2. maybe you installed JustSim Autogen Library? I had these big lights when the library was active.
  3. Hi, i'm from germany too, have the same issue, can't see the update! any solution? Best regards, Harald Fuhr
  4. if i start P3d and the Queen, set Daytime. After all is loaded i choose Nighttime splash lights are there Harald
  5. Same here, no Taxi- or Landing light Illumination on Ground. Tested on Default and Addon Airports And yes, P3D lighting options are set to illuminate ground and HDR enabled Harald Fuhr
  6. Hi everybody,since i have installed SP1c, Leisure boats will be displayed as Traffic at the Navigation Display.Can someone else confirm?Gr. Harald
  7. I always thought if I choose in my FS2004 Options - Settings - Display and i set the VC-Quality to high i get the best quality. But if i set it to low and now i get the best quality with better performance.
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