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  1. Thank you. I resist using my name as it is unique in the world and I try to protect from public listing whenever. Use Vilhelm. I made the change but now when I load an airplane at an airport ithe airplane crashes on loading. If I use the same plane at the same airport starting fsx by itself it works fine. Vilhelm
  2. After loading a flight with no problem, when taking off a Sim launcher message appears that says flight auto save, then date, (saved by FSUIPC4) has been deleted from the flights folder. Do you want to reload all flights? If I click yes Fsx goes haywire. If I select no the message reappears in a few seconds later. What is happening here? VB1
  3. 1. Is there any way to make locked spot view the defult setting? I have tried saving it to my starup flight but it doesn't hold.2. Same for intant replay, setting it to 1/4 second doesn't hold.3. In FS9 after a crash I was retuned to a few seconds previous, in FSX I am returned to the beginning of the flight and you can't get instant replay to return to the crash.4. In FS9 I had an addon called autosave which continuosly saved the last few minutes of your flight so you could return to it after a failure. Has anyone got this to work in FSX?VB1
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