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  1. Rob, Thank you for getting back to me, your answers made perfect sense. Unfortunately, increasing the starter torque was the first fix I attempted. I should say this problem only became present in Acceleration/SP2, but it spans two seperate installs on my computer. So, I don't believe the problem is coincidence. After increasing the starter torque (all it did was make the engine turn faster wihtout reaching sustained combustion), I copied everything below the aicaft entries in the default FSX DC-3 to the MAAM DC-3 (Boo hiss, I know). However, the engine did start. I suspected it had something to do with one of three sections of the aircraft.cfg, so I did a similar bit, but this time with just those three sections rather than everything below the aircraft entries. Through successive iterations, I was able to conlclude that the power scalar was the sole contributor (at least on my computer) to failed engine starts. I can decrease the maximum rated horsepower in aircraft.cfg without problem (although this does not reflect the result in simulator, as you said). So, I'll just have to wait for an official fix to be released. Take care Rob, I hope the conversion of the Spitfire isn't giving you too much of a hassle.Best Regards,John
  2. This is meant to be a question, not an arguement, but; In FSX's SDK, it claims the power scalar "Affects the amount of power delivered by the engine to the propellor shaft." Since scalar quantities have be multiplied by a measured quantity to have any meaning, would it be multiplied against the engine's power output? So, the engine has a maximum power output of 1200bhp with a power scalar of 0.89, would that have a similar effect of having a maximum horsepower of 1068bhp and power scalar of 1.00?
  3. For those of you who prefer cold and dark starts, but were unable to do so after installing SP2/Acceleration, here is your fix.In Aircraft.cfg go to [piston_engine] and change this line:power_scalar=0.8xx (depending on package) topower_scalar=1.00Your engines will now start using the 2-D panels or crtl-E. Combining this with the provided texture and propeller patches and your babies should be running very smoothly.
  4. jcagle

    Guestimate for 737NGX for FSX?

    Lefteris, Out of curiosity, was my posting of only my first name the reason my support request went unanswered? It was the question regarding .rt2 file format. If so, then I'll be sure to post first and last from now on.Best Regards,John Cagle
  5. jcagle

    .RT2 Files

    I saw a .rte file generated by FS Build and it is far more intricate the .rt2 files I have been looking at. So I'm just going to pick up a copy and get back to flying.
  6. jcagle

    .RT2 Files

    R, As what states, and you mean runways? Here's an example// rt2 v1.0 ADLBNE001 generated 01.06.2005 6 YPAD 23 YBBN02-YPAD-SEDANY27UVUPUT51AMBW354BN-YBBNDoes that mean, Depart YPAD from runway 6, Arrive at YBBN at runway 23 with an alternative of 02? That theory doesn't seem quite right since runways are supposed to be defined in the FMC as L, C, or R; so they always have two digits and one number.
  7. jcagle

    .RT2 Files

    I've been trying to work up my knowledge on the PMDG 747-400X (Fantastic aircraft!) and I am now trying to figure out routes. I know the basic information of the .rt2 files is as follows:// rt2 version, route name, and generated date (commented out)Number 1Departure ICAONumber 2Arrival ICAONumber 3-Departure ICAO-waypoint 1waypoint 2waypoint ..waypoint final-Arrival ICAOWhat I can not figure out are the meaning of numbers 1, 2, and 3. If someone could enlighten me, I would greatly appreciate it.Best Regards,John
  8. Michael, Thanks for the tips, it certainly got the engine running steadier, but no luck sustaining combustion. As another side note, I turned flight tips on to see if any hints were available. I recieve a warning saying my fuel tanks are critically low. However, my fuel gauges read full and if I go to the in-game menu->fuel and payload; it shows the tanks at 100% capacity. I'm having some other serious issues, the inability to start engines has now spread to all of my prop planes, so I might shelve FSX until the full version SP2 is released.Best Regards,John
  9. Mark, Thanks for the tips, but I didn't have much luck. I changed the frame rate from 36 to 27 and fooled around with the mixture levers quite a bit with no luck. This is the same as before, but the engines wind up to about 500 RPM and then fall back to stopped. If I press 'autostart' the engine will stay spooled up a little longer, but the end result is the same. Is at all helpful in a diagnosis?Best Regards,John
  10. Since installing Acceleration, I have not been been able to start either the DC-3 (any variation) or the B-25. This includes cold starts and shutting down a running engine and attempting a restart. Has anyone had this happen or know a potential solution? Best Regards,John
  11. I know this was a dead issue several months ago, but has any progress been made on plug-ins which enable 3DS Max 9 to produce aircraft for FSX?
  12. Hello, Active Sky X recently started crshing every time I tried to start it. I've run a repair reinstall and complete uninstall and reinstall, yet the error persists. I'm not quite sure what is causing it, but any help you could give would be hugely appreciated. Attached is a picture with the windows error code and the point at which Active Sky crashes.Kind Regards,John
  13. jcagle

    C-47 Gauges

    I reinstalled the package with SP1 and everything is working great now. This and your B-25J package are simply outstanding, some of the most enjoyable aircraft I have.
  14. jcagle

    C-47 Gauges

    I only checked one panel during flight, but they were absent there too.
  15. Hello, I purchased the C-47 package a few weeks ago and installed it into FSX. The installation went great, fantastic job on the plane. Since then, I've been on a 3 week business trip and I'm just picking it up again, however, when I loaded the plane all the gauges in the VC were missing and I'm at a loss as to what could be causing it. I deleted the gauge permission from FSX.cfg, and when I loaded the plane, FSX asked me if I wanted to allow the gauges. So, I know it's trying to use them but for some reason they are not appearing. Would you have an ideas on how to fix the problem. Thank you very much.Kind Regards,John