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  1. I need a planner in which one I can load and fly myself.
  2. Unfortunately I tried downloading it from the fsbuild website. But it said 404 not found. Also It's not FS9. Thanks anyway.
  3. Hello! I've been trying to find a good flight sim flight planner program. I've found lots but they don't help me solve the problem. The one I've tried is Super Flight Planner. Does anybody know one that is easy to use?
  4. what are TTools and where do I find the BGL files?
  5. Also recently I downloaded the Active APProach - VHHX (Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport). I succeeded installing it. But there is no traffic departing, landing, taxiing or parked at the gates after I installed both the Active APProach - VHHX (Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport) and the Wattay Intl. Afcad. How can I make traffic work?
  6. I tried looking for that but I was unable to find it.
  7. Hello! I recently downloaded the Tibet AddOn Scenery for fs9. When I go to the airport the terminal and taxiways are screwed up. Can somebody please assist me with this please?
  8. Hello! I've been having problems with the master autopilot working correctly for the IGfly Tupolev 154M add on. Every time I push the master autopilot switch it immediately disengages. I tried contacting IGfly yesterday but so far there has been no reply. Please help me with this. Thank you.
  9. Hello! I recently downloaded an afcad for Wattay Intl. I'm unfamiliar installing it. How do I do it? And what do afcads do? Because I want to put in gates for the airport because the airport has no gates.
  10. Hi everybody! I remember in spring 2007 when I was looking up flights to Lhasa, China Orbitz showed an Air China Flight with an A330-200. Do they still operate the A330-200 from Beijing to Lhasa? I want to do this route on FS 2004 but on the Air China website their schedule says JET for a few of their flights but I'm still confused if they use the A330-200 on this route. Please help me with this and reply.
  11. What I'm actually looking for is Jeppesen like flight sim approach, and departure plates of airports all around the world and if there are websites that have these plates. Please reply.
  12. Hello! I'm trying to find websites that would have airport charts for all of the airport charts in the world. I have found one but it is not the same as the Jeppesen like flight sim approach charts. So if you know a website that has flight sim Jeppesen like airport charts please tell me them. Please reply. Thank you.
  13. Hello Heiko! I was interested in getting your Air Koryo repaint for the Project Tupolev Tu-154b2. I was wondering which version of the aircraft works best. Please reply. Thank you.
  14. Hello Everybody! I recently HIMALAYA AIRPORTS ADDON SCENERY v1.0 FOR MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2004. It said I needed to download the AFCAD files and look at the read me on the "Flight Sim" webpage but I didn't find the forum page that showed how to install them. I'm confused. I need help on this. Please reply. Thank you.
  15. Hello! I installed the Software development kit along with the Software development kit Service pack 1. I did get service pack one for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I installed the service pack. When I switch from an outside view to the virtual cockpit flight simulator crashes. I need help please! Thank you.
  16. I tried doing a repaint but the registration wasn't put on the same spot on both sides of the tail nor was the North Korean flag which is part of the Air Koryo livery. I'm not sure if the Air Koryo logo was in the same spot either. Also I tried putting it in the aircraft folder and tried setting it up. But when I checked it out on fs 2004 It didn't show any of the stuff I put on the repaint. Yes I need guidence on putting things in the very same spot please! please reply.
  17. Am I in trouble? I'll see what I can do. I'm not sure if my dad would let me download these things.
  18. I'm not trying to be selfish. And I'm fourteen years old. I've never done it before. I've asked someone to do it but he dosen't have it. I don't know how much some of the softwear costs. Probably hundreds of dollars. And I don't have enough money.
  19. My father told me that photoshop costs maybe $500. I still need someone to do it! Please reply!
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