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  1. Hi,I'm sorry for not responding for quite a while... Have been on holiday, so no time :)I don't have FSUIPC (and don't know it either)...Thanks!Michel
  2. I'll have a look when the problem occurs exactly and let you know.It starts fine, but during the pre-flight events and checklists somewhere it changes the behaviour of the autopilot settings.Regards,Michel
  3. Hi,When I'm using Default FSX 747 I'm having a strange problem.When I start, everything works as supposed to, but while running the checklists I need to go through before departure it seems that FSX 747 changes something so I can only set the heading, altitude, speed etc in the autopilot multiplied by 10. So setting the course 110 and 120 etc is no problem, but trying to give the autopilot a course of 112 is impossible. Anybody else have this problem AND a way around it?Thanks!Michel
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