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  1. 8 hours ago, sniper31 said:

    I am assuming you are making that suggestion because you have not read the entire thread (which, I can understand...it is lengthy). That said, yes, I have stressed test my system plenty. I have a long history of custom building PC's , so stress testing is something I do regularly, sometimes just for fun. Besides all that, as I covered earlier in the thread, in order to rule out hardware, I completely changed out my CPU, motherboard, RAM and GPU as I have plenty of spare parts available. It made no difference. Hardware is not the cause of my CTD's which specifically started with SU13. 

    Well I'm glad that you were able to rule out it being a hardware issue. It does seem to be a perplexing issue that is affecting some users but not others. Hopefully you'll be able to track it down soon. 

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  2. 8 hours ago, sniper31 said:

    Okay, another update. Turns out this was NOT a solution for my CTD's, which I say once again, ONLY started with SU13. I managed only three successful flights with the Offline AI Aircraft turned off. Fourth flight, same CTD, same Event Viewer error code. I am fast running out of options. I am now testing the lowering of my NIC bandwidth, as some of you have suggested worked for you, even though I abhor the idea of suddenly having to lower my data speed just because MSFS, after three years of being released, decides it doesn't want to work with high-speed data service. IF this turns out to be a work around, it does NOT give me a lot of confidence that the upcoming MSFS 2024 that is supposed to rely on more streaming and cloud service is going to pan out well. But I digress. Back to MSFS 2020 and my current CTD SU13 issue. I have a grand total of ONE successful flight running at 100Mbps, half duplex on my NIC. That was last night. Just having time today to try and get some more attempts in, so let's see what happens. More to follow. 


    Have you run a stress test on your hardware? It's easy enough to do and that way you can rule it out and move on the other possible solutions.

  3. 40 minutes ago, RJC68 said:

    but what I still find surprising is that after 8 pages of people stating these CTD's have either started or gotten worse post SU13 there are still comments by others offering nothing useful whatsoever and just stating that "it must be your hardware" or "Well I haven't had a CTD in years"

    That is really helping everyone !

    Nothing useful? I disagree. It's pointing out the fact that there appears to be something else here at play apart from the SU being a direct cause of msfs crashes.

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  4. 12 minutes ago, chapstick said:

    This is such a dumb analogy. Live weather is part of MSFS and it’s their responsibility to maintain it and coordinate with the vendor providing it when issues arise. 

    I don't think it is. I think it's safe to say that MS/Asobo reaches out to their weather provider when there is an issue. 

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  5. 7 minutes ago, Claudius_ said:

    The flight sim that I bought is not working like it should, should I know where, what or who is causing it? I want my service back, please don't hijack this thread, thanks.

    If you go into a grocery store to buy something but their debit machine is down because of a bank problem do you blame the grocery store for that? 

  6. 56 minutes ago, jon b said:

    Sold , thanks.

    I see you're in Canada so it's probably a different system to me here in the UK but did you have to pay import duty ? I believe they're sent from Ukraine ? 

    Hi Jon

                    I thought I was going to have to pay duty on it but surprisingly I didn't YMMV. However I did pay sales tax and the shipping cost to Canada was steep costing me $800CND. The platform comes unassembled in two boxes weighing a combined 70Kg. and was shipped from Poland. Hope this helps

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  7. I've had the DOF Reality H3 motion platform now for a few months and use it in VR. The motion cues it provides greatly adds to the illusion of flight and for me was almost as big a step as going from flat screens to VR. The prices for these sorts of platforms has dropped dramatically over the last couple of years but it's still  certainly not cheap. But the combination puts you as close to actually being in a cockpit as I think is possible.

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  8. 12 minutes ago, Mike_CFII_MEL said:

    Lets look at today's capitalistic world. Only one statement can be correct, either they are going to make money off of these voice credits or they aren't. What do you believe? I think you'll find more individuals in my camp than in the other.

    Only one of us are right, but I don't think that kind of poll would go over very well.

    So you believe that they would not be happy enough just making money off selling the product but would also add additional profit in marking up the price of the voices packages they offer?

  9. 20 hours ago, guenseli said:

    So, after a few minutes I was banned from the beta forum (ok, can't understand if he do not like critics) and also from the official customer forum (I'm sure I can work this out as a paying customer with Flight1)

    you can make your own opinion.

    Nothing personal but without seeing your actual quoted post any further discussion about it is being done in a vacuum. There is no way to determine how proper or improper it was.

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