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  1. In the FLAi Manager you can define a directory for the files (there is an icon for settings). If you re-download everything, the manager will do everything: - download all liveries - place them in the folder which you specfied - create an XML to integrate it correctly in the sim. if you don’t have a second disk or partition, I‘d recommend C:\FLAi. Just avoid P3D and the Program files (Programme or Programme (X86)) as Nico said. P3D should also be outside of the programs folders, it only causes trouble with Windows 10 paranoid security settings. Good luck, Dirk
  2. Axel, have you changed something in FLAi so that you wanted to create a new list of assignments? Or why did you run the AILG generator? it seems you scanned the whole P3D folder because there are complex payware models as AI livery in your file now. This can reduce performance and memory as these models are far more detailed than optimized AI aircraft. I have kept FLAi (and also the new AIG-AI folder) totally separate from P3D. There’s an excellent tool by LORBY_SI with helps to selectively add or remove AddOns like FLAi or AIG from P3D. Best regards, dirk
  3. Well, I spent a considerable amount of time testing in the past days. The good news is that PSXT has nothing to do with the CTDs (actually, I never suspected this).😀 When I use AIG-AI instead of FLAi, P3D and PSXT are running smooth and continously for hours. When I switch back to FlAi, it is only a matter of time (sometimes 1 minute, sometimes 10 minutes) until P3D crashes. All tests were performed at EDDF. The tricky part is to find the cause. though. There is no content error in the P3D logfile and no error message in the log of PSXT as well. The model matching errors related to the 767 are not a problem, they just couldn't be created. That's nothing worse, it'll not crash the sim. However, some indications are pointing to the A320neo aircraft. I noticed after several crashes that one of last liveries created by PSXT was a A320neo aircraft (the logfile stopped after this because the sim crashed). I checked the corresponding airplane directory in the FlAi folder, but couldn't find any obvious mistake, though. Another developer (LORBY_SI) also reported CTD issues with the A320 models in a different forum: https://prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6310&t=133221 I know that these observations are rather vague and no proof. But for now, I'll stick with the AIG package which appears to have resolved the problem for me. Unfortunately, the model matching requires some optimization. I'm considering to replace the A320neo model in FLAi and re-compile the FLAi package with the AILG generator to confirm that this is really the issue. Just wanted to report back. Best regards, Dirk
  4. Hi Nico, regarding your question: yes, P3D is crashing, PSXT keeps running as if nothing happened. It is very stable, I think. Maybe it's worth mentioning that the majority of aircraft which couldn't be created are 767-300. And most of them have a specific registration added to the AI_liveries.xml file, e,g, <livery airline="CFG" type="B763" folder="1" title="FLAi_B763_CFG-Condor NC D-ABUA" atc_id="D-ABUA" /> <livery airline="CFG" type="B763" folder="1" title="FLAi_B763_CFG-Condor OC D-ABUK" atc_id="D-ABUK" /> <livery airline="CFG" type="B763" folder="1" title="FLAi_B763_CFG-Condor Retro D-ABUM" atc_id="D-ABUM" /> Here's the relevant section of the log file: I don't know if this can crash P3D to crash, but perhaps it helps to further improve the model matching. I'll now try to run PSXT with a different set of AI aircraft and see what happens. If there is no CTD in P3D, the fault must be somewhere in the FLAi package. As axel737 pointed out, I never had any problems until I installed the FlAi v18 package. Best regards, Dirk
  5. I checked the log files but there is no hint at all (I can post it if you want). There was only one livery which couldn’t be created (a CFG 767 with the reg. D-ABUK) and that occurred 10 minutes before the CTD. No other fault messages except that the connection to P3D was lost. In the Windows 10 logs, a NTDLL error was recorded. I‘ll now update my NVIDIA drivers and reduce some settings first and then try it again. I still suspect a particular aircraft in the FLAi package, though. Perhaps it was created but incompatible? This would also explain Pim‘s observation as we were both flying in roughly the same region (the CTDs happened when I was flying from EDDK to EDDP and EDDG - EDDN). Best regards, Dirk
  6. Hi Nico, as the title suggests,I'm a little bit confused. I have been using your excellent program for a quite a while now and never had any problems with it. I'm running P3D 4.5 together with the FLAi package. But a few days ago, I noticed a CTD shortly after takeoff. At that time I had no idea what caused it. So I restarted the flight and it happened again, this time it occured while still standing at the gate. So I started troubleshooting. In addition to PSXT I have Active Sky and Aivlasoft EFB v2 running in the background. The installation of EFB v2 was a change in setup, so next time I didn't use it. But again, the CTD occured after a couple of minutes running Active Sky and PSXT. Then I stopped using Active Sky. And voilà, I was able to complete the flight. So I thought that I nailed down the issue. But the joy didn't last very long - on the return flight the crash occured again. So I decided to stop using PSXT and turned Active Sky back on. No CTDs on many consecutive flights. Then I also turned EFB back on and again, no problems. But as soon as I start PSXT, it is only a matter of time until a CTD occurs. This is really making me confused - I don't think that your software can be blamed for this because it is an external process running outside P3D (and it never crashed when P3D crashed). I can only think of 2 reasons: 1) there might be a faulty aircraft in the FlAi package causing P3D to crash 2) a Simconnect problem (maybe the parallel use of Active Sky and PSXT is flooding the Simconnect pipe? - but it never happened before) Do you have any further ideas? The CTDs occured with versions 15.10 and 15.14, FlAi was updated to build 18, if I recall correctly. Is there a way to scan the FlAi library for faulty aircraft or liveries? Best regards, Dirk
  7. Hi all, I‘ve also purchased FFTF now, but when I tried to use it it complained that my P3D was started with administrator privileges and refused to work. Now, some add-on developers point out that it is necessary or at least highly recommended to run P3D as Admin. Has anyone noticed problems with add ons like PMDG (all aircraft), FSLabs and Majestic when P3D is not started with admin privileges? Best regards, Dirk
  8. Jim, You are right ... during preflight you get the TAKEOFF REF page until all entries have been made on this page. However, once you made all the entries on this page and you press the INIT/REF key again, it should be displayed again (similar to the APPROACH REF page in flight). But instead, you‘ll see the main menu of the INIT pages. In the PMDG 777, it is correctly simulated.
  9. Kyle, I just pointed out a few items which confused me. Regarding the TANK/ENG configuration: The AOM states ‚equal to or less‘. So if I see on the FUEL synoptic page that I have 13.2 in Tank 1 and 13.2 in Tank 2 and configure the pumps accordingly, the EICAS messages indicating a wrong crossfeed configuration should not be displayed, correct? Regarding the FMC: It took me a while to dig it out, please have a look at page 2.2-1 in the Bulfer‘s FMC GUIDE. The flow chart clearly states: ON THE GROUND, PRE-FLT complete -> TAKEOFF REF page Regarding the TCAS message: As I said, I was referring to a discussion among specialists (who really know the plane in great detail) on the Aerowinx forum. I‘ll mail the relevant thread to you if you want. It was not my intention to criticise your excellent product, I just want to help to polish it. ;-) Best regards, Dirk
  10. Sorry for digging this thread out. I noticed that the PMDG 747-400 QoTS II might be a little bit too strict with the FUEL TANK/ENG conditions. On one of my last flights I configured the plane for the Tank-to-engine configuration as soon as I noticed that the amount in all tanks was equal (I didn't wait for the EICAS message). Although the conditions were met, I got the usual crossfeed and O/J pump messages. I had to wait until the FUEL TANK/ENG message popped up before I was able to turn off the O/J pumps and crossfeed valves. According to the manuals, it should be possible to configure the fuel system with some tolerance (the amount of fuel in the tanks doesnt have to be exactly equal). Another small items I observed: During preflight (when on the ground and all entries have been made in the FMC) and the INIT/REF key is pressed, the TAKEOFF REF page should be displayed. In the PMDG 747-400 QoTS II, the INIT menu is called instead. This is not correct, as far as I know. The PMDG 777 correctly displays the TAKEOFF REF page. The EICAS message "> TCAS OFF" should not be displayed on the ground when the transponder is in standby or off in many cases, there was a long discussion on the Aerowinx Forum some time ago (there was a software update by Boeing and it only appears in the air after the takeoff inhibition ends). Best regards, Dirk
  11. Hi all, Yesterday I noticed that there is suddenly a problem with the cockpit displays of the PMDG aircraft on my computer. Some of the fonts which are used on the PFD, ND and EICAS displays are slightly bigger than before. This causes some problems, e.g. the digital readout of the EGT is not completely visible, the EICAS messages are partly overlapped with the engine displays etc. Affected by this phenomenon are the PMDG-737NG, the PMDG-744 and LDS-767. I checked the FAQ's and this support forum. In the FAQ of the 737-NG display problems were reported which had to do with a wrong setting of the windows DPI size. But I checked this on my computer and it is set to the correct value (96 DPI).Also, the problem is not caused by a wrong screen resolution. It occurs both in fullscreen and window mode, in all typical resolution settings (e.g. 1024*768 or 1280*960). I suspect that it has something to do with the fonts installed on my computer. Perhaps the font used by the gauges was overwritten by an add-on or other third-party software. I must admit that I'm really puzzled by this. I didn't change any system or graphics settings, the only things I changed on my computer in the past few days were to install FSBuild and the latest AIRAC cycle (from Navigraph) for the PMDG. The latter is certainly not the problem. Maybe the installation of FSBuild changed any windows fonts? Is there anything else I can do/check?Thank-you, Dirk
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