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  1. vernon39426

    unable to set elevator pitch

    Thanks, I tried deleting the configuration file and resetting the assignment keys but the same result. It just has me baffled.
  2. vernon39426

    unable to set elevator pitch

    The AP is not on. Thanks.
  3. Hope someone can help me with this problem. All of a sudden I cannot set the elevator pitch for take off in either commercial or FS9 airplanes. When I try to set the pitch all I get is an effort for the setting to move but does not. I normally use my joystick for setting the trim but it does not work nor keyboard strokes, using the number pad 7 and 1. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. vernon39426

    Object in Taxiway

    Scott, thanks for your quick response. I have Ultimate Terrain, GE Pro, and the only thing I have for M76 is a modified AFCAD2 that someone on a forum made for me. These buildings were not in my taxiway until maybe a month ago. I have not added any scenery to picayune during this time. I thought they may have been off the airfied somewhere previously. really don't recall. Hope this info is helpful. I have way to much on my flight simulator to even think of uninstalling. I think I would live with the objects first. Whatever you can do would be appreciated.
  5. vernon39426

    Object in Taxiway

    Hope some one can help me. I have no knowlege of scenery so am relying on some one talking the basics. I have a building that showed up all of a sudden in the parking area of my home town airport, Picayune MS KMJD. I have no idea how to remove it and I pray that some one can help me. I am attaching a screen shot so that you can view my problem. Thanks in advance.