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  1. hi I wanted to know from you guys which graphics cards are better for fs2004:The Nvidia geforce 8800GTS G92 with 512mb orThe ATI radeon HD3870 with 512mbBecuase I heard that some people had problem with nvidia especially when the anti-alliasin is activated, I wanted to know that if nvidia cards have problem with textures in fs2004, too,regards,Victor
  2. Hi everybody,Do you know guys how can I get the smoke effect in the PMDG 747-400 That's awesome but I don't know which folder of the aircarft should I have to modify,Any suggestions are welcome,Regards,Victor Chu Lau
  3. HiI wanted to know if there is way how can I get the kai Tak Airport to insert it in the leveld's FMC and the SID/STARS for it because I did not find it at navdata.atRegards
  4. HiDo you know guys how can I get the flightsoft Honk kong 2004 but the downloadable version(payware) because I am from Peru and the customs here are sucks, I checked the flightsoft page but they only have a CD version.So far I'm using the kai tak scenery from Jim Vile but I can not capture the localizer in my PMDG 747 and Can not do an autoland on runway 31.Please do you know a way how can I get an autoland on runway 31 or receive a localizer signal in my Pmdg 747 for Kai Tak scenery from Jim Vile.Regards,Victor
  5. Hi everybody,Could anyone of you can tell me how can get the Airac for kai tak airport to work because I have the AIRAC 0708 right now, I've been reading the posts related to this subjet but I got confuse could you please tell me step by step which are the sequences for the PMDG 747 work properly with Kai Tak airport.Which scenery match the change I will make in the PMDG folder and where is located the WpNavAPT.txt AND airports.dat file because I could not find them anywhere in the PMDG folder.I almost forgot If I need to reinstall an earlier AIRAC how can I do that?Regards,Victor Chu
  6. That exact problem happened to me, tooI reinstalled my operating system included fs2004 and all my add-ons and unfortunatelly I found the problem Dave mentioned on his post.I really appreciate if you guys can figure our problem out,Regards,Victor
  7. Hi everyone,Do you know guys which video recorder is good for record flight simulator 2004 games with all my favorite add-ons(PMDG 747-400/400F, LevelD 767, SSTsim Concorde, Pilot in Command feelthere Boeing 737).I ask you this because I have FRAPS but the file size from the recordings are too big and the image quality is not so good, I have GameCam too but is does not work with Fs2004 properly I mean as soon as I load the simulator and appear the main menu, it turnet in a black screen(just appear where the plane you select) and the Gamecam support knows about this but so far I do not get a answer from them.I hope you guys can advice me in another good game record.Sorry the game cam does not properly work for me because in the support forum from them they told that is a specific problem for Ati Cards with old drivers but the thing here is that I have an ATI RADEON X1950Pro with 256mb so is not so old and neither the drivers.So I hope you guys can help me outRegards, Victor
  8. Hi everyone,I'd like to know if there is a good engine sound for the pmdg 747 and 747F especially with the GE engines I tried downloading it from the pmdg website but to be honest I expected more, I downloaded one from the avsim page to be specific from Devyn Silverstei(GE sound) this one really rocks on the take off phase but I don't like the sound when you apply the brakes when you're descelerating after touchdown (of course)Another thing the program FS2crew(PMDG 747 EDITION) just provides the sound for the cockpit or it provides for the engines, too.Any advices are welcome,Regards,VIctor.
  9. Hi to everyone,I just got a problem from my pmdg 747 passenger a freighter version, as soon as I start viewing the panel after loading the pmdg 747 the engines accelerate too much almost 50% of N1 I tried to press F1 on the keyboard for come the engines to idle but nothing happened, the engines come back to almost 50% of N1 and the trust level on my joystick is on minimum.I would really appreciate any advice,Regards,Victorfcl.
  10. Hi,I have a question here, when I start the descent at 10.000ft, I always selected the approach page and select the speed marked in flaps 25
  11. Hi Jose Luis,I want to thank you for your welcome.your advice was veru usefull for me and as I said to Craig I hope you can support me along this time I do not have much time to use this aircraft because of my work but when I use it, it really worth every penny I put on it.Many thanks guys to give me your helpfull advices,Victor.
  12. Hi Craig,Firstable I want to thank you for your help and I know that I have to learn more about this greatest aircraft especially coming from PMDG and do not worry for the way you are telling me the things you mencionted because you are saying the truth and I do not have to get angry because of that. The problem is that as I told you I'm using this software for almost a year but I do not have much time to discover all the features of it because of my work but I hope (If you are willing) you to help me in those things, who knows maybe in the future I will discover something new and need your help or the help of everybody in this forum.Thanks so much for your help,Victor.
  13. Hi everybody,I'm new in this forum but I also have almost a year using the PMDG 747 passenger and freighter version my question is how can I make the ND do the green circle around the runway of the destination airport because I saw that on the Youtube website and here's the link anyway: Another question is how can I make the navigation display do the white circles when is in plan mode beause I tried to do so but nothing happens and it appears in the own fmc's users guise from the 747's operating manuals from pmdg.If anyone can help me I will really appreciate it.Any suggestions are welcome,Victor.
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