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  1. Perfect! Thanks again for your help; and most certainly for all the software that you make (and have made) available to us. I used you lekseecon for the Level-D B767 for a lot of years in FS9 and FSX, so I'm looking forward to using PSXT 😀 Regards, CU soon, Bert
  2. Thought that might be a problem... IVAO didn't change, folder is indeed in uppercase, I had the name in lowercase. Tried again, different result: Invalid airline codes: 1067 Invalid type codes: 20 Invalid [flightsim.x]: 527 But (probably more important): Total valid found: 6728 Number of liveries written to "liveries\AI_liveries.xml": 6728 And those are indeed present in that file on my harddisk. No idea if I have to do something about the invalid codes etc; just ignore maybe? Thanks again, regards, Bert Overigens: Ik vlieg waarschijnlijk niet met FSMiDNeD op 't FSWeekend; if not, dan kom ik op zaterdag wel langs. 't AvioDrome heeft nl. nog steeds geen publiek Internet, en mijn 'portable cockpit' (ik neem m'n grote cockpit niet meer mee; veel te groot, zwaar en veel werk) heeft Internet nodig om goed te kunnen functioneren. Frans kan simpelweg niet garanderen dat 't er is; kan 'ie verder ook niets aan doen. Ik hoop dat 't AvioDrome ooit de 21e eeuw ingaat op dit gebied... 🙂
  3. Ha Nico, Thanx for your quick answer. I have Ivao_mtl as folder name; so partly lowercase; is AILGenerator case sensitive? Regards, Bert
  4. Hi Nico, Alles goed? Bevalt 't pensionado-leventje? Heb je afgelopen FSWeekend niet gezien, omdat mijn vrouw net terugkwam uit Mexico; keuzes, keuzes, ... Anyway, I recently upgraded my flightsim PC and did a clean install of P3Dv4.5 on W10. As I wanted to use your PSXT in multi-PC mode I installed your software on my 2nd PC, and after configuring SimConnect it recognises P3D running. As I use IvAo as online platform, I wanted to use the IvAo_MTL for the liveries, so I pointed AILG to the relevant Ivao_mtl directory after installing Ivap. After running ('Go') however, I get an overview with: 'Invalid aircraft.cfg: 358' 'Invalid types codes: 5' 'Invalid [flightsim.x]: 200' 'Number of liveries written to 'liveries`AI_liveries.xml: 0' 'No liveries found' I repeated the process with the Ivao_mtl copied to the 2nd machine: same result. I think I'm missing something elementary here :-), and I was hoping you could point out my error. Thanks in advance, hope to see you soon. Regards, Bert Hilberink
  5. BTW, I tried to send a ticket via the ORBX Support site; but for some reason I only see the screenshots and VR forums when I have logged in. Don't know what I'm doing wrong... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Bert
  6. I recently purchased ORBX LDDU (I own most of their products). After installing 1.00 and updating to 1.10 I started FSX and selected LDDU as start-up airport, but the sim 'hangs' at 74%; only at this airport, it doesn't have this behaviour when I deactivate LDDU in scenery.cfg (then I get the default scenery of course). I was using FTX Central 2 (after migration), FTX Global, OpenLC Europe, Vector; all updated, including the ORBX libraries. Re-running the migration tool didn't help. After a lot of trial-and-error, I found out that FSX will start at LDDU when I deactivate FSX/ORBX/FTX_OLC/OLC_EU7; the airport looks great, but I lose the nice textures... Just to be sure the problem wasn't a one-off, I went back to an earlier image of my FSX-installation. Installed all updates first (Vector, libs, ...), reinstalled LDDU 1.00 and 1.10. Problem occurred again after migration in FTX Central 2 (re-running migration tool didn't help), got a message that FSX/ORBX/Scripts/Backup/restore.bat couldn't be accessed (correct, it didn't exist; don't know what it means or whether it has to do anything with the problem), FSX was hanging again at 74% when selecting LDDU as start-up airport. Deactivating OLC_EU7 'helps' again, but... Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks in advance, regards, Bert
  7. Hi Robert, Thanks for the link, I'll ask specifically for Damian. Regards, Bert
  8. That is exactly what we want: use historical data. The problem is that we can't enter Manual weather mode, as ActiveSky stops with its message 'need Internet connection' before we can arrange that. Regards, Bert
  9. Several members of our Flight sim club in Holland recently upgraded from ASN to AS16. It works well, 'but'... it won't work offline; when we try it, it indicates it needs an Internet connection (possibly for checking licences), and after this message is stops working. Normally this isn't a problem, but offline is what we need when we give our demo's at the FSWeekend in the Aviodrome in Lelystad at the beginning of November (the museum doesn't have public Internet). We fly 6 different legs during the weekend, under guidance from (our own) ATC; our speaker explains the routes and software used (including ActiveSky) to the public. ASN didn't have this restriction (we used it successfully in during the 2015 FSWeekend). Did we miss something, or is this really a new feature? If it is, is there a possibility to (legally of course :smile:) circumvent it for the duration of that weekend? I hope we can find a solution; would be nice for us, for the public, and also for HiFi/ActiveSky; we often see people scrambling for software after they have seen our demo's :wink: Regards, Bert
  10. Hi,I'm using several Goflight modules in FS2004 and I like them a lot. I am considering buying their GF-ATC module, but I don't know whether the rotary knob and push switch to control the ATC pop-up menu works in Radar Contact too.Anyone? Information will be greatly appreciated.Regards,Bert
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