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  1. I am pleased to report that my 757 problem is now fixed. Of course, the simplest solution was the one that worked. I forgot that I had a copy on my zip drive (moving the copy on my hard drive was not working) and moved that over and updated with v1.3 and now all is well. I wanted to thank you John Rooum for your persistance in helping me. Cheers mate.Best,John Herzog
  2. Very glad to report that my PSS reinstall problem is now fixed. Of course, the simplist solution was the one that fixed it. I forgot that I had a copy on my zip drive and when I transfered them over I was able to do a download of the 1.3 update and now all is well.I really want to thank you John Rooum for your persistance in helping me. Cheers mate!Best,John Herzog
  3. I have been having problems with a reinstall of the PSS family after an unistall/reinstall of FS9. I just tried the new folder technique as described above and still get a corrupted file error and the install stops. This is after several downloads of the setup file from PSS website. Can't figure out what's going on. Unfortunately this all happened at the same time PSS decided to take a walk.JohnEdit: Actually the error states "Zip file read error". But still no installation.
  4. Well, I cleaned my temporary files folder and still get the same error: "Zip file read error". I've deleted and downloaded the setup zip file several times and it's the same thing. I ran a search for all files related to PSS and eliminated all that were applicable. I still have the PSS showing on my Add/Remove utility and when I click to remove the program I get error: "Cannot load initialization file"I'm stumped
  5. Here's the latest. I removed all PSS 757 and 777 files from my computer as suggested. On downloading the reinstall got this error message regarding the following files:"Invalid or corrupt file." 757C:DOCUME~1OWNER~1.YOULOCALS~1Temp02a69d5a021eac4f5fac247468634104base.datC:DOCUME~1OWNER~1.YOULOCALS~1Temp02a69d5a021eac4f5fac247468634104unpack*.*777C:DOCUME~1OWNER~1.YOULOCALS~1Temp8446bb5fbbee509e25122b96990470eabase.datC:DOCUME~1OWNER~1.YOULOCALS~1Temp8446bb5fbbee509e25122b96990470eaunpack*.*LiveryC:DOCUME~1OWNER~1.YOULOCALS~1Temp02a69d5a021eac4f5fac247468634999PSS-B752_UAL.datC:DOCUME~1OWNER~1.YOULOCALS~1Temp02a69d5a021eac4f5fac247468634999unpackI checked and the planes were not installed on my computer.As to the FS9.1 problem Im waiting for a response from Microsoft.
  6. Ok. Here's what's happening now. I tried to unistall both my PSS757 and 777 from the "Add Remove" on the control panel and I get an error message "Cannot open Config file". So I can't uninstall the programs. Coincidentally, I noticed that my FS9 program is showing version 9.0 even after downloading and installing version 9.1 after my reinstall of the Sim program a couple of weeks ago. Don't know if that could be screwing it up but maybe.Any further help would be appreciated.Thanx, John
  7. John: Great suggestions and I will try these after the Turkey binge. :)Thanks,John
  8. Hi all! Had a necessity to reinstall FS9 and am sorting out problems. Inre: PSS my 757 caused CTD's when I tried to load it so I did a reinstall from the PSS website. No more CTD's but now the panel is sans gauges. I think I remember this is due to a license or key problem but do not remember how to fix it. Thought a reinstall would do it but no.Any ideas would be greatfully accepted.ThanksJohn
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