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  1. Whenever I fly in the UK (and presumably in Europe) when I have handed over to the co-pilot to fly, the altimeter setting always goes back to the standard (29.92 or 1013) I change it and immediately it changes back. Any ideas why this happens? It does not happen when flying in the US.:-hmmm
  2. Thanks. I think I may have had FS9 on pause. I have just tried a test save and it seemed to work ok. I'll try it for real soon.
  3. I followed the instructions in the Tutorial Flight 2 for saving a flight. It saved the FS9 flight but did not save Radar Contact as an RCD file. I was able to reload the flight, but not radar contact as there was no rcd file saved. I am using RC 4.3 Help!!Tony
  4. Just done my first flight using RC4 - Tutorial 1. What a great piece of software; makes you realize how lacking the FS ATC is! Fantastic - can't wait for the next version. The only criticsm is the taxiing to the gate - no help given. Tony :-)
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