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  1. Scott, I have read that thread many times and completely understand the logic and reasoning behind their business decision to develop the NGX as an FSX-only product - even though I strongly believe the new 737 would sell quite well on FS9. However, my request does not concern the NGX at all.There are many people who continue to use FS9 (myself included) as their primary simulator, and I am sure PMDG realizes that FS9 still holds a decent chunk of the market. Are sales for addons in FS2004 decreasing? Absolutely. However, it is not correct to say the decline in sales is purely because of new computer hardware and Windows 7. While these changes in technology undoubtedly play a small roll in the "transition" from FS2004 to FSX, they are not the only reasons for decreased interest in FS9 addons.Let's be clear: my request did not even slightly insinuate the NGX or part of the NGX to be ported to FS9. I am asking for a visual update to the original 737 (a new VC to be specific). All panels, gauges, aircraft systems, and sounds from the original aircraft would be left completely untouched.I am going to assume the amount of work that goes into developing a new VC for an old aircraft (remember - everything else in the simulation would remain untouched) would be more than compensated for - even on FS9. I am positive that an update to the original 737 would go over quite well with the old FS9ers, and considering it would be the last thing developed for FS2004 by PMDG, I am positive it would sell quite well also.
  2. If there's no NGX for FS9, what about a model/VC update for the original 737? I'm sure 99% of FS9 customers would be happy with that. Sure, a HUD and new systems would be awesome but that is an incentive to purchase the NGX. The only reason I don't fly the original 737 anymore is because I am a VC-only pilot - and let's face it, the original 737 VC just doesn't cut it anymore. I'd be willing to go as far as saying that the 737-700/800 variants is all anyone would ask for.We all know the 737 is a sweet spot in flight simulation, and I'm sure the numbers from your original NG series can back that up. The NG was a great simulation, and still is - it just lacks the visual detail of newer aircraft. You've already got the panels, gauges, aircraft systems, and sounds - all that's needed is a new VC and exterior model.Let's be clear - I'm not asking for (and I'm sure most of the avid FS9 users will understand) the aircraft to be redesigned from the ground up simply for FS2004. I'm saying that just a new cockpit and exterior model would be more than enough to make me drop another $50 into FS9 addons.
  3. Either the captain's or the FO's voice. I'll try to record it my next flight.
  4. Well, I went through every sound file and couldn't find what I was looking for. Any ideas?Edit: I'm pretty sure it's a problem with FS2Crew because it always occurs when I call for flaps 1. I've looked through my joystick assignments and nothing's conflicting.
  5. Happens every time, so it's not the GPWS. It's very hard to hear; all I can make out is the "1,000 AGL" at the beginning, along with the call for flaps 1. I've been searching for the .wav in the FS2Crew sounds, but no luck yet.
  6. Thanks, was installing x64 runtimes.
  7. When I call for flaps 1 during landing, multiple sounds overlap each other. One is correct, and the other starts out "1,000 AGL..." Am I doing something wrong, or?
  8. Already followed that post. Installed both 2005 and 2008. Still doesn't work.George W.
  9. Getting this error when I try to run the load manager.
  10. The least you could do is say, "No, you can't force a window to stay open after receiving a close command."
  11. Followed the pinned instructions but it didn't work.Edit: disregard, fixed the problem by downloading the .dll file and running the commands again.
  12. Thank you. Let me know what you find.
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